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Questions about a game

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I'm interested in buying SG: GC and I've a few questions regarding this game:

- is it possible to play multiplayer game with one copy of the game? (installing on 2 machines and play via PBEM/other way with one license?)

- what multiplayer options are possible? I know about hotseat&PBEM, what about standard online/LAN games?

- is it worth to buy Assault on Democracy/Communism OR standard GOLD bundle

will be enough for the beginner?

- how popular is multiplayer in this game?

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Hi Solusky,

1) The current license allows you to install on more than one machine so it would be possible, although we'd prefer you purchase a copy for each user as it helps support developers to continue to make these kinds of products.

2) Network/online/LAN games via TCP/IP is also an option on top of Hotseat/PBEM.

3) The Gold bundle gives you the latest and greatest for the original Global Conflict release while the Assault on Democracy/Communism bundle provides a trove of new content and features including a much larger Global map.

I would actually recommend both bundles but if you try the demos of each package you can get an idea of what they have to offer in order to help you decide.

Multiplayer is still quite popular and there are Multiplayer threads stickied at the top of each game forum that should help you to quickly find an opponent.

Hope this helps,


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