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CM:BN / CM:FI opponents wanted


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Opponents wanted for CM:BN (2.0) or CM:FI PBEM WEGO battles.

I have Commonwealth forces and Gustav Line installed.

I have been playing CM since CMx1, but I would still consider myself a beginner player.

I am looking for opponents who are not in a hurry and who understand that people are not always in front of computer. Sometimes I will go away for a weekend and that means no turns during that time. Of course occasionally I can play for a longer period of time.

I am looking for an opponent who always finishes their battles, whether they are losing or winning. (You can expect the same from me).

I prefer to play as axis.

I am accustomed to using dropbox as turn-file repository and email for new turn notifications.

If you are interested, please drop me an email at petrisi(a)freebsd.fi

Best regards,



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Because of the initial post I managed to find couple of great PBEM opponents! However, now I have a slot available!

Since my initial post I have upgraded my CMBN to MG.

I am looking for CMBN,CW+MG or CMFI+GL opponents. I appreciate if you play the battles to the end instead of quitting after first 5 minutes if it doesn't go as smoothly as you wanted. (Or if you get bored)

Because of the issue with US rockets being underpriced/too common (BF please fix this!) I would prefer QBs with auto-purchase or battles.

I enjoy playing both sides, but I prefer axis.

Best regards,



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I've got most CM games and I am looking for an e-mail opponent for CMFI+GL.

I suggest to start with the scenario "Beyond the Bellice", a nice one for infantry tactics.

I have quite some experience with CM series starting with the CMBN-1 but not yet with this Italian game.

I am using Dropbox and typically can play 1-3 turns a day. I prefer Allies but can play mirror games.

CMBN+CW (no MG!) is another option, less preferable for me.

For some reasons all the IP's from my provider are banned at this forum (which I find VERY UNFRIENDLY, by the way), so please respond by e-mail only: ailoyros(at)gmail.com, I can open this forum only sporadically.

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Thanks to this thread I have found several great opponents!

I have one slot open, so if you are looking for CMFI/CMBN PBEM, don't hesitate to contact.

I am currently running CMBN 2.1.1 and CMFI 1.11, but I will update them to the latest as soon as the ongoing PBEMs end.

Recently I have been playing maybe 3-5 turns per day on average, meaning sometimes I have plenty of time, sometimes not so much.


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