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Background Battle Sounds.

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Is there some way to turn off the background artillery and MG fire?

Or, is there a mod that changes these background sounds to only bird and wind sounds?


Yes. Find an empty soundfile (or one with bird chirps or whatever)* and rename it background day combat.wav and background night combat.wav and put it in the Z folder in your Data folder (in the main game folder).

If you dont have a Z folder, you should make one.

*If you copy Normandy v100A.brz from your /Data folder and put it in ModTools/RezExplode/imput and then run RezExplode.exe you can look in the "exploded" folder to find the non battle background sounds in /sounds/background.

Just copy the one you like and rename it like i said above and place it in your Z folder.

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Or make it possible for scenario designers to select from a handful of different background sound files to suit the situation.

For example, an isolated engagement with no combat background noise vs a raging battle going on nearby if your mission is part of a bigger operation. Definitely not essential in my book but would help a little bit with the narrative designers are trying to get across with their scenarios.

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