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Storm over Europe?

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Hi all,

I purchased SC2 back in 2008 but never got into it at all (lack of time for games of any sort sadly). I reinstalled it on my laptop recently and also picked up Global Conflict Gold & AoD.

Wow, I've been missing out badly. The game is just awesome, and I'm not the sort to use such an adjective casually. I haven't felt like this about a game for a long time, so thanks to all the guys at Fury for that.

On to my main point though - I really like what I see of the SOE campaign for Breakthrough. Now, I don't have it - I will get it in time anyway, the WW1 content looks pretty cool - but can't justify purchasing right now having just bought Gold. Is SOE exclusive to Breakthrough, or is there a version available or at least being developed for GC:Gold/AoD? From browsing the Repository I guess the answer to the former is no - I've downloaded the Fast Play version, which is great but I want the big one too :D.

Like I say, the answer won't affect whether or not I buy the WW1 version , just when ;)

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Hi TheGreatRadish,

Thanks for the kudos as we always appreciate such positive feedback... feel free to spread the word as well :)

To answer your question on the SoE campaign, it is only available for the WWI and Breakthrough releases.

When you do pick up the WWI release I can add that it is a great package and highly recommended as the WWI campaigns have converted quite a few regular WWII players due to the tremendous gameplay and replay value (much better than a WWII fan will have ever anticipated) and event system used :)

Happy gaming,


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Thanks Hubert. That's fine, I'll probably buy the bundle when I receive my next pay cheque (trying to impose some much needed financial discipline here - I have a small monthly 'treats' budget which is currently exhausted :D).

Loving the demo though. I am interested in WW1 and have respectable knowledge of it so all is good.

I'm bigging up the game to anyone who will listen, my closest friend has got hold of GC:Gold now too and I'm working on some others ;)

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