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Brute Force 1939 AoD

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Please read the campaign notes file for full campaign notes...

But here are the changes that are noticeable



Corps are Armies are the same unit. The names are different due to formation sizing and the country organization of military units. I put it in place for better historical accuracy.


Carrier Fleets have better loss evasion (due to armored decks)


Tanks have one strike


Battle Fleets have better loss evasion (due to AA)

Carrier Fleets have better loss evasion (due to damage control) and land air defense

Marines are stronger


Light Tanks are weaker than normal tanks, can't be rebuilt, and can't be upgraded

Mech and Tank Groups are equal to German tanks and can only be build in 1941

Battle Fleet naval factors and Escort Fleet anti-sub values are slightler lower

CHINA - Their forces were so weak that I grouped them in corps and armies

China has slightly weaker armies and corps on attack

China has slightly weaker tanks and one strike

Corps are equal to Divisions - Chinese individual divisions were very poorly equipted, trained, and small in size.


Sub Groups have lower MPP attack values but cost 60% as much as everyone else’s. This reflects the smaller sub tonnage per unit the German’s had on their u-boats.


Corps are normal strength armies representing the better units in the Italian army (2 available)

Armies are slightly weaker on attack

Tanks are slightly weaker

Divisions represent some of the better motorized units (2 available)

Italy battle fleets have better loss evasion when defending (due to speed)


Marines are stronger

Tanks are slightly weaker

Strategic bombers have slightly lower strategic bombardment and slightly higher naval attack

Subs have slightly longer range

Cruiser Fleets have stronger naval factors

Carriers Fleets have slightly longer strike ranges


Strategic bombers have 1 strike only. I felt 2 strikes was too much.

Subs have a much higher dive rate, tech increases it by 5% and ASW drops this rate down 10%. Average dive is 50%.

Maritime Patrol: For the Allies they are primarily used for anti-submarine warfare. For the Axis they are mostly used for naval warfare. Check the combat values for each country to discover how these air units have been modified.

Game combat mechanics have been modified. The results will be similar but it gives more flexibility when creating each country's units and specialization. This is still experimental.

EXAMPLE allowing China and Italy to have weak unit types.


Decision #65 Germany create Atlantic Wall

Decision #73 USA Atomic Bomb

Cleaned up media files

Changed organization of map units to appropriate country type and structure

Winter effect now hit moral for Axis units (except Finland) instead of resources

Added new unit types

Adjusted force pools

Added some resources to map

Cleaned up text

Added, cleaned up, and changed some roads and rail

Improved garrison scripts to take advantage of HQ placement

Added rivers in Russia

Enjoy post feedback here on balance.

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I was looking at the map this morning and I realize that some of the cities on the US eastern seacoast are in the wrong places. It's not a big thing as I doubt there will be any fighting on the eastern seacoast. But you may want to move some of the cities around. Wilmington should be at square 10.48 Washington D.C. should be at space 11.44 and Baltimore at 11.43.

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For ships? Yes. Ships took a lot shorter than you think to cross the ocean. The fleet that attacked Pearl Harbor took only 4 days if my memory serves. So in open ocean with just about zero chance to get spotted its an easy trip.

Thanks I swapped Baltimore and DC for DC and Norfolk W.V.

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That's internal logic. They are suppose to be going after convoys.

But one issue I have is that I can't keep the German navy in port no matter how I work it. If this is a serious issue I might have to lock them into the Baltic with another method via neutral tile transfer.

After France falls there are scripts to send them to the Atlantic.

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The AI in SC has always been far too aggressive with respect to its naval aspects and this impacts the Italians as well as the Germans. It is probably too late for current versions of SC but within the AI routines there really ought to be some concept of navies being strategically on the defensive or offensive. If they are defensive, then their reaction range to threats should be reduced drastically so, for example, naval surface units could be set to stay within range of supporting land based air. This approach would allow the AI to maintain a "fleet in being" which is what the Germans actually did in Norway.

I tried to simulate this in my Axis Triumphant 1942 scenario by turning the Tirpitz into a BB belonging to Finland based in Norway with AP movement limited to 2 tiles (this was in SCGC, AOD might need to be 3 or 4 tiles). I also had difficulty with the AI moving the fighter providing air cover to Tirpitz to another theatre so I located an AA unit with range 2 on a headland next to Tirpitz's port - conceptually you can regard an AA unit as being an air defence system with a mixture of guns and short range fighter interceptors . Tirpitz still did not typically last very long under AI control but at least the destruction was not immediate and I set it to have a cheap and quick rebuild if sunk with supply of 8 or more which was a fair representation of reality.



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