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Global Conflict 1935

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I am working on a yet to be named mod that will begin in October 1935. The early game action will focus around the Second Italo–Abyssinian War, the Second Sino-Japanese War and the Spanish Civil war. So there will be fighting, but also this time will also allow players to make strategic decisions politically, and decisions on war preparations.

New countries will include Austria, Slovakia, Republican Spain, Fascist Spain, Manchukuo, Ethiopia, Communist China and Italian East Africa.

I am posting this to see if anyone has any suggestions of decisions/events that they feel would be particularly important to include in the game spanning the time between October 1935 and September 1939. I would much appreciate it!

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You could use some that i have used in my 1938 Calm…MOD.

1935 Saar

1936 Rheinland

1936- Anti comintern pact

1936 German condor legion

1936 Italian Corpo Truppe Volontarie and Aviazione Legionaria to Spain

1938 Anschluss or planned Fall Otto

1938 French reacting on Anschluss, builds more tanks

1938-39 Czechoslovakia Territory events

1938 Unternehmen Feuerzauber

1938 German French non aggresion pact

1938-39 Hatay province to Turkey?

1939 German pacts with baltic countries

1939 Memel

1939 Italy invades Albania

1939 German and Italy signs pact of Steel

1939 German-Romanian Treaty for the Development of Economic Relations

Who shall Cyprus belong to? Italy, UK or Turkey?

Vienna awards

German development of atomic bomb, V veapon, other veapons

IRA actions, supported by Germany

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Thanks for the feedback! I will be sure that all of these will be included.

As I've been working through this I think that beginning the game in July 1937 may be a better option. July 1937 was the beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War and it will probably be better to begin the game with 2 Major countries at war. I will probably use this date to begin the Spanish Civil war and Italy's invasion of Ethiopia, although the wars began earlier it will probably be better to condense these years into 1937's events.

Also Cantonna, I know you have moved your mod over game engines, how much work was that? After completing this I may want to move it over to the WWI Engine.

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yes i have also been condensing some events, hmm some times the moving has been big trouble some times not, i can not recall the different ones actually. Moving the map and most of the units, combat target data, terrain an so on i usually simple, you just choose export data and then import data into one new cgn file that you have created witht he same map size ans the old one. The big problem usually is adding new things in the event txt.files. Quite often rows has been added to unit or decision events that has taken long time to add, but since i discovered the replace function that has also been speeded up, and the latest time i moved my mod it took no time at all.

Just try: check map size, create newempty campaign with same size, exoprt and then import, done!

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