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I have a question about unit scripts, here is a scenario:

- German Decision event 1 pops up January 1941: If Yes then a unit script fires

- Unit script fires on March 1941 to have unit appear on March 1 at Kiev

Additional information:

German occupation of Kiev is not a variable condition for Decision 1

So I know that if Germany does not occupy Kiev by March 1941 this unit will not appear near Kiev on that date obviously. My question is what will happen to this unit? If Kiev has not been occupied by the Axis which of the following will happen? will the the unit appear:

(a) at the next closest German occupied city?

(B) in Germany?

© will it only appear when/if Kiev is occupied by Germany?

I think I have not come across this scenario, but I would not like to have a decision event not work if someone can not reach Kiev by March 1941 as the Axis.

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