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Far worse FPS on a low spec laptop

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Just to see if it's just me, or others had noticed about the thing going worse after applying the 2.0 patch an a low spec laptop/desktop.

Just wondered, as everyone seems so pleased about the patch I couldn't believe anyone with a low spec laptop/desktop didn't have the same issue.

I'm pleased for the patch, and no problem on my desktop, but I really noticed the decrease in performance on the low spec laptop in comparison with ver 1.11 which I think is far from what I think was promised (or at least I heard) about the improved performance with this new update.

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What are your specs? So far nearly everyone has seen performance increases (or at least no decrease, considering the increased detail of the visuals) with the new engine.

You might want to post this in the tech support forum as well. If you post in tech support it usually attracts other people with the same problem, and the threads stay "on top" for longer. It would help me get a feel for who is having performance issues so I can see if it's fixable.

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Hi Phil, thanks for your quick answer.

It's a Ferrari FO200 netbook, which I know is a netbook and it's got many limitations with its HD3200 GPU, but with the 1.11 patch at least I was able to run the game smoothly with the lowest settings when I wasn't at home.

After applying the 2.0 update the units move like robots, without changing any graphical settings of the GPU drivers or ingame.

I have shades off also, I don't know what could it be.

On my i7 desktop and SLI 2x 285GTX nvidia cards, no problem at all of course.

I might wait to see if anyone have the same problem as me on a similar low spec computer.

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Have you tried shadows off too?

I have a Lenovo laptop with a Nvidia card and Intel HD4000 graphics. The game will not run at all on the Intel chipset anymore, only the Nvidia. This was a problem implemented by the latest Windows driver as far as I can make out as it was fine prior. My problem is not one created by the game in other words.

Out of interest did you update your Intel graphics driver recently? At least since you have applied V2?

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