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Afghanistan Telephone Poles in FI

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Trying to import a small Mosque in from CM:Afghanistan and Shockforce (cuz that is what they have Tunisia (Mosques) and palm trees into Italy (Tunisia and Italy have palm trees to-just like California).... and this little exercise in frustration produced this ...mouse.

Anyhoodles as soon as I post this I'll be uploading the file to BF- Screen capture says it all. You get 3 extra buttons (over the stock 2) in the Telephone Flavor selection (3,4,5) in the Scenario Editor. They act and save and delete like any flavor. But if you download and add scenario or QB made with these you need this addon file in your game in order for them to show. I think they better reflect the poor electrical infrastructure in Sicily circa 1940's-the stock poles look like for a city. IMHO.

The poles show up in the NORMANDY demo-still waiting for my other computer so I can't say there are issues in the full NORMANDY-but I doubt your computer will explode if you put it in a NORMANDY Z file.

Name of the file will be Extra TELEPHONE POLE FLAVOR OBJECTS

NOTE: CM:Afghanistan and Shockforce {I own full copies}


Sense of scale


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Kohlenklau-No haven't seen the film but will do a GOOGLE. With a small one story Mosque, cactus, palm trees and 'Partisans' you can have a North African Theater and a Balkans Theater of Operation. You listening Battle Front.:)

DAK vs the USArmy (later Desert Rats with the Brit module) and Tito's Boys getting mauled by Prinz Eugen Division backstopped with crappy Italian tankettes.

Broadsword 56-Yes I think it looks better to. These Sicilian country towns probably had running water at communal fountains rather then at their homes and electrical power was not that widespread-and they certainly didn't have 'cherrypicker' utility cranes that could haul men up for maintenance and such-real close to the ground-simple stuff. And when the power went down oh I bet it was a while before it came back up. In a word-Primitive. { To be fair there were more then a few places in the USofA in rural areas where electrical power was sparse.}

CMSF only has tall palms-I have potted palm and cactus flavor objects ( a release later from SF). The BIG foliage Palms I'm still working on-but first I think all CM games are tapped out on the amount foliage you can add so EVEN if I can get it in game that means it has to substitute some foliage tree-which means some map that had regular trees has palms all over the place. :mad: I spent a whole evening on it -but no luck. Same way with a small Mosque-there are X number of slots and only so much you can shoe horn in with buildings. Flavor objects the ceiling is 9 items per category of flavor-and then that depends what is in the mdr. file I can hex change.

Somewhere in the game it is written that 9 flavor ceiling-where -well - I'm looking.

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