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Yes, TCP/IP should be playable between two players not on the same LAN. However, due to the amount of data that goes back and forth, you may see pauses, delays and possible dropped connections. You may want to try smaller battles and maps initially to see how well you can remain connected. Larger battles and maps will have more data and you can potentially see more 'drops' with such games.

Your firewall, for both players, needs to have TCP (and maybe UDP) Port 7023 open in both directions (sending and receiving). This firewall can be Windows Firewall, any third-party security software firewall and whatever network/modem/router firewall you may have. All of these need to have this port open in order to play. You may also want to set exceptions within your security software for the CMSF (and module) executables (anti-virus, 'real-time' and firewall exceptions/ignores).

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How does PBEM work when attempting to play someone who is not on your LAN line? It seems that this is the more bug-free option compared to TCP/IP considering that with PBEM will not be subject to the pauses and delays caused by the the large amount of data going back and forth during a TCP/IP game.

I have a friend that lives in a separate state who I would like to play. We are wandering how to set up a PBEM game. Do you have instructions on how we could do so, Schrullenhaft?

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