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New to the game - couple of questions

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I just purchased Strategic Command WW1 and have a few questions.

1. Campaigns vs. scenarios - the game came with 11 campaigns. Are there any discrete battle scenarios for, say, the Marne, the Somme, Amien etc? I'm looking for something small to get started with.

2. Is there a tutoroial anywhere? I didn't see a tutorial scenario in the list of campaigns? If not, has anyone published an informal one?



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Hi Colin!

There is no Tutorial. If you want something small to start with, choose Verdun or maybe Kut. Both are nice to play as the Central Powers, and you can easily get familiar with the gameplay. Jutland is also nice, but a naval scenario

EDIT: apologies, I thought you did buy "Breaktrough!"... the Scenarios I mentioned are in "Breaktrough!". In the original Somme is nice as well.. when you play the Allies.

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Hi Colin

The discrete battle scenarios come more with the Breakthrough expansion than with the base game, though that comes with some too.

I would suggest playing one of these smaller scenarios to start with, to get the hang of the basics, and the Manual will also help as that does contain a lot of useful information.

The Manual can either be accessed from the Manuals folder, or in game itself from one of the buttons near the bottom right of the screen, during play.

When it comes to the larger campaigns, taking a look at the AARs on this forum, and reading the Strategy Guides that are also contained with the Manuals folder will help a lot.

Finally, we're always happy to answer questions, and when you're ready, my recommendation is to go for a multiplayer game as not only is it the most fun, but learning how others play really can be a great experience!


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