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What causes AI to surrender(ie Total Victory)

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Hi all,

Day dreaming about the upcoming CMSF Ukraine :),I decided to fire up the 'old' CMSF and play a campaign.

Playing a couple missions and was doing pretty good in both, but as time was starting to wind down and I was getting ready to make my final push, the mission ends and I get a total victory. I assume the AI surrendered. Looking at the map afterward, it appears the Syrians still had a good sized force remaining.

Also in the last one I was getting ready for the final assault. I wasn't really dealing out any punishment when it ended.

So I was wondering what determines a Total victory. Is it based on Time at all? Difficulty level?, ratio of their men to yours? Anyone know exactly?


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CM2 is a lot more "unstable" in calculating victory/defeat than CM1 in that you can go from a defeat to a big victory sometimes with very few extra enemy units being killed (and vice versa).

So many times one can ceasefire halfway thru a CM2 game when it's obvious that you have not met objectives, only to find that you have been given a win. Accomplishing more often doesn't make the win any bigger. It can be frustrating compared to CM1. You simply have to have your own assessment of how you did and ignore the game victory calculations

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"Thank you for this article. That’s all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something special. You clearly know what you are doing, you’ve covered so many bases."

Thank goodness for a calm reasoned voice on these forums at last. And how much is the Belstaff motorbike? Maybe I will buy 3...

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