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Buddy Aid bug?

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In one of my recent PBEM games I have a disappointing results with buddy aid.

One member of ATG ammo bearers team was shot down. The ammo counter shows me 6 AP and 2 HE rounds in this team total. After the aid ends up and death body disappeared from map, the counter show me only 2 HE round leave. Gun isn't fired this turn. So, VERY important AP rounds just vanished due to my humanity???

Here is link to video:

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I had a similar thing happen recently. A Polish team with a PIAT were eliminated (they had 6 PIAT rounds) and the company 2IC team arrived a few minutes later and gave aid to all of the team members. The 2IC team ended up with the launcher and on round. Doh

Sadly, it discourages buddy aid too.

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