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  1. And one unfinished, but almost completed. Same region, same year Bloody 13th for 12th https://cloud.mail.ru/public/XgnU/5JVkNWPeQ
  2. Just suddenly found this one on my hard drive. H2H only, Afghanistan - Kyrgyzstan border, 1993 Here is the link https://cloud.mail.ru/public/LDCj/HeBHwzWyQ
  3. The question is quite simple. What Time Zone is used in game? Especially interesting in CMRT, CMBS and CMA. The difficult part is for CMRT: there are at least 3 time zones in operational area. So what time should I set in scenario if, for example, German advance at Minsk area according to docs started at 0500? Wehrmacht have used Berlin (or CET=UTC+1) Time. So in Minsk area (CET+2) it will be 0600. The Game TZ is ....?
  4. My in-game experience told that every US-squad can execute "smoke" command at least once. If it divided to fireteams, only that with squad commander can use smoke. 2simon21 Just an example. US troops rarely seen riding tanks. But they allowed to do so in Final Blitzkrieg. This is for tactic flexibility purposes, I believe. So why don't do this (I mean smoke) for russians? 2panzersaurkrautwerfer Smoke grenades goes to sappers - this is 100%. And they used it. And a tank crews too. Line infantry doesn't have a lot of them, but regulations (look my link) and battle examples prove that this h
  5. 1. Soviet doctrine is not based on drunk human waves advancing without any cover. Just like all other armies. 2. I can provide some examples of using smoke to cover the advance, but you always can say "this is unusual thing" and deny it. 3. Not all units, of course, must own smoke grenades. Tankodesantniki is one of examples. But sappers was equipped with smoke. So the case for "line infantry". 4. In 1941-45 soviet industry have produced 6,870,000 smoke grenades. For Germany, from http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Waffen/handgranaten.htm , figure is about 9,150,000. Not a very big differen
  6. Sorry, but I can't catch the purpose of research. German infantry have smoke grenades IRL - they have it in game. Same case for American and British infantry. Soviet infantry have smoke grenades IRL but not have it in the game. This must be corrected, isn't it?
  7. I'm speak about the very same thing - the simulation. If it supposed to be close to real life, the russian smoke grenades did exist and was used by soviet infantry. So available documents are proofs that it was the case IRL. But not the game.
  8. Unfortunately NOT A SINGLE soviet infantry unit can use smoke . This is not right even in terms of fair play, not speak about reality. At least soviet sappers (and HQ units) have and used smoke grenades to blind the enemy.
  9. Definitely yes. From late 1942 onwards. RDG was used to blind enemy fireslits, to obscure bailed-off crews and during river crossing because RDG was float-able. RDG can provide a small (8-10 m) cloud for 1-1,5 minutes. Here is: https://yadi.sk/i/yEU6-Ogqpw23r instruction of November 1942 of using smoke by infantry (of course, in Russian). So this is not target marker, or signalling device.
  10. To be short - soviet infantry must own it. Battlefront, I hope this can happen in earliest patch Here is link to proof it existence and availability to frontline troops: http://weaponland.ru/board/ruchnaja_dymovaja_granata_rdg/24-1-0-142 While picture at English, Russian text states that RDG (hand smoke grenade) was created in 1942 and produced in schedule: 1942 - 959.000 grenades 1943 - 1.520.000 1944 - 3.380.000 1945 - 1.012.000 (think this figure before 1st May)
  11. As far as I understand, the outlook of building have nothing similar with it solidity. So, I know how to to "brick" or "wooden" house. But it is just a picture. I talk about solidity - how many rounds can withstand house. And I want the wooden house that collapse after, for example, 6x76mm shells and the stone house that can take at least 15x76mm shells before collapse.
  12. I suppose that main problem is in creating of correct TOE. Skins, weapons and vehicles are more easy to insert in ready-to-use TOE...
  13. Sorry if this was already discussed before, but I can't find it at forum/ In CMBB we have several types of buildings according to solidity - shack, light, heavy and factory. So what is in CMRT? What I must do if I want to create a village with several stone, several brick-made houses and the rest wood-made?
  14. It is hard to obtain real figures because in most soviet docs T-34 tanks are not listed separately for 76 and 85 mm guns. But, some numbers prior to Bagration exist: 1st TC (1st Baltic front): 120 Т-34-85, 60 Т-34-76 2nd GuardTC: 180 Т-34-85 3rd Guard MechC: 170 Shermans and Valentines, 20 Т-34-76 3rd GuardsTC: 120 Т-34-76, 60 Shermans and Valentines 29th TC: 120 Т-34-76, 60 Т-34-85 9th TC: 180 Т-34-76 1st GTC: 180 Т-34-85 (maybe 60 of them are T-34-76 model) 1st MC: 180 Shermans and Valentines 11th TC: 120 Т-34-85, 60 Т-34-76 3rd TC: 160 Т-34-85, 20 Т-34-76 16th TC: 160 Т-34-85, 2
  15. Yea, US player was extremely cautious with his decisions, so lost some opportunities. His XO was more aggressive but he is not in charge German player just... have no plan for battle, I suppose. So after first stunning defeat he just reacted on situation. Despite this US side have achieved more success than in reality.
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