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Alliance of Evil bug

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(at least I think that was the name of that campaign)

There is a bug in the German/USSR alliance map where Japan does not offer an Supply to the US.(and Britian I think)

I am also unable to operate airplanes into China/Japan and it might even be that China does not give me a any supply either.(edit: Chinda does give supply, still cant operate planes to it though and Japan is still dead territory for me)

This is seriously gamebreaking as China/japan is not really in a position to fight off the USSR and I had just reached Japan with 3 units Paratroopers and an HQ and countless tanks/other army units.

(double edit: cant use any of the chinese tracks to move units which are already on chinese territory)

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Hi Sapare,

I've edited Japan to now provide supply, thanks for catching this, but I'm not 100% sure if I want to fully enable operational movement into Japan and China just yet.

Would supply help enough or would operational movement be absolutely necessary?

I'm only hesitant as the historical relationships between the US and Japan at that time were not the best... but perhaps enabling it to China would be enough?


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It is playable without operation movement.(What I did was move the airplanes to India and fly over from there)

But it is slightly weird/annoying to be standing on the Chinese coast and being unable to operate the units further inward to help the Chinese fighting there. I mean, walking is fine.. but it takes a long time.(Russia is doing an invasion by Yumen and it takes quite some time to get there.. if China prefers doing this on its own I guess that is their problem.. lol)

Not being able to use operation in Japan wouldnt be nearly as much of a problem as they don't have much land anyway.

BTW, that supply fix. is there any easy way to do it manually or would that require quite some work?(I just have some units which are stuck in Korea because the port always drops to 0 (siege event) and they all have 0 supply)

Other then that, while I am at it might as well report other things I noticed while playing this very imbalanced map.(Which is good, this 1 sided war is actully fun)

Germany seems to outright refuse to use subs in the Irish sea.

They literarly have like 5 or so subs just standing around doing nothing much(maybe on other parts of the supply line) while the british fleet is pretty much non existant. Why they are not destroying the industries is beyond me.

Germany also seems not to do Sea Lion(or at least yet) no matter the conditions.(Britian is pretty open to him. Like I said earlier, no fleet and nowhere near enough troops with Russia on on his side.) Instead he seems to take pleasure in capturing every possible minor country.(I think he has now pretty much captured all neutral countries(Not counting in Asia/South America)

Which brings me to Vichy France...

I find it strange that after the colonies swear loyality to Vichy france they are still leaning toward Axist even though Axis attacked and captured Vichy France. Are their loyalities to Germany or Vichy France now?(This one is debatable and there is a slight effect on their mobalization rate, just seemed strange)

As a last (and more general) note:

While the AI is really good for most parts it even now tends to do some weird quirky things. I know this is pretty much impossible to avoid in a game as complecated as this, but maybe some of these things could still be fixed somehow?(For example, I had Russia try to invade India through the mountains just below Kashgar(China) and after beating them back(supply obviously being near non existant) I found out he had TWO HQ's in those mountains.. at the same time he had other forces fight in China(at Yumen) where he had no HQ's at all. I honestly don't know how to prevent that.. but it was weird to say the least.

As a side note, great respect to you and everyone ells who works on these games. I know I tend to be one of the most outspoken people when it comes to problems I find. But I actully do like these games, I just always think there are things which can be improved on.

(Sorry for the long post.. to much to say and to much time on my hands)

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Forgot to mention that the supply amendment was something I changed in the Editor via the Edit Country Data dialog.

You'll see that under the 'Cooperative' flag section there is a 'Restrictions' drop down box, I just changed it to 'None' but did change China to have an Air Op restriction under 'Flags' to 'Home Country Only'.

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Thankyou. I also wanted to do an update on my AI note. In general my AI seems to have a bit of a problem with handling the idea of HQ's once it is fighting in further away countries.

It did an interesting invasion through the Ottoman to attack the seuz chanal, which I liked... and then when it actully reached Alexandera it decided to continue the invasion without any HQ support at all.. He now has three corps of tanks fighting against my 1 detachment.. and is losing becuase he has 0 Supply.(he also has a bunch of armies sitting on the other side, being unable to move over do to the tanks blocking he only passage)

The other time the AI did this was after he capture Persia he started to invade India... and again, no HQ support what so-ever. Airplanes with 0 supply just don't work.. and he doesnt even understand this.. he pushes further FORWARD even though he already got nearly no supply.

I don't know any easy way to fix this of course, but as a basis I feel like the AI should probably consider it current units strenghs(as in, readiness/moral) and try to keep those to at least 50% levels) Though I do assume there is already some form of AI script for this.

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Part of the problem here is just how I've scripted the campaign and it just looks like it needs a few tweaks.

With the new AI I can de-list cities for the AI to consider as an attackable option and this helps to speed up the AI so that it is not considering every single city on the map.

There are also range restrictions on possible targets and this helps to speed up the AI as well.

Once I do that I then just need to list the right combination of cities and couple that with the appropriate OFFENSIVE scripts for the AI to focus on and it should play much better.

Essentially what you are seeing is a situation where units will go to attack the nearest enemy units but without official support as the AI has not assigned an HQ to that particular city. But now based on your feedback it should hopefully do a better job as I've made some adjustments in these areas so that ideally HQs and Air support will now be engaged.

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