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Auto Surrender for H2H?

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Even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes CMBN is still a game, and I think it can afford to include a few game-like elements.

I would like to suggest the inclusion of an optional 'auto surrender' checkbox for H2H battles. It is sometimes difficult to know whether it is time to surrender (or ceasefire) when playing H2H - you can often keep holding on just in case... and this can end up being unrealistic and frustrating for your opponent.

I would like to see the inclusion of an optional 'auto surrender' - implemented much in the same ay as it is currently for the AI. Before starting an H2H battle both sides can then decide whether to include it or not.

Currently the long time limits, lack of a 'rout' and lack of an 'auto-surrender' can lead to drawn out sessions whilst players search for that 'last man' hiding in an objective zone.

What do you guys think?

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I'd be in favor of anything that made more sense to me than the current scoring system does ... :D

I still don't understand how it works. I'm not sure what the point is about occupying the various green zones being about all or nothing points, instead of strategic and tactical victory.

Even if one has 1,000 grunts in a green zone and the other side has 1, it seems to neutralize the scoring to zero... pretty silly from a military simulation point of view.

Anyway, I still love the game, but I don't play to score points. ;)

Maybe that's why I lose all the time .. :eek:



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I know that BFC wanted to avoid 'last man standing' type situations when they released CMx1 - Now - I don't know whether they have changed their thinking about this, but the lack of ROUT and AUTO-SURRENDER can certainly make for unsatisfactory endings to many games.

I'd like to know how BFC view this issue.

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