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Serious Bug during tournament game Help

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I was moving a german ftr in france... decided instead to operate it.. it VANISHED when I picked operate! No idea what happened maybe I clicked illegal spot.

But this is very important loss and cripples my tournament game.

I can send the save game though that in itself will force me to not do my turn right.

I guess couple conclusions:

1) save and send to Hubert if you agree -- and at least we can see about this apparent bug.

2) I guess I restart turn can't see what else to do.

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Hello lhughes41 ^^ ,

I had the same problem once when I started to play this game.

I think you wrong-clicked "disband" unit instead of "operate" in the unit scroll menu.

It's just under so it's easy to miss the click and kill your unit -_-' .

Can be a suggestion for Hubert to put the "disband" command in a less dangerous place since you use "operate" a lot more than "disband" ;) .

P.S.: if it was supplied, I think you can buy it back for lower cost and production delay (a little * near the unit's name in the production unit list)

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I experienced the same, and i came to the same conclusion.

Operate and Disband are to close together in the right click menu.

It would be best to move both options away from each other.

Or to change the message when you are asked if you want to disband a unit.

A bright red window, or a "noooo"-sound (like the one you hear in the Total War Medieval Series when you get asked if you want to execute, free or ransom captured units) could help too.

Every two or three game i disband a unit i wanted to op.

But because i click fast, i don't really read the messages, so i never was aware that i was going to disband the unit.

Its just like when you fly often. You don't listen to what the airline tells you before you start. "Safety belt-blablablabla-oxygen mask-blabla-emergency exit-blabla".

But "Do you want to have a drink", asked by a nice stewardess get ALWAYS my full attention.


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