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Oversteer ?

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NB: This thread has nothing to do with CW and the issue may have been fixed in CW/1.10.

Something I've noticed a lot lately playing scenarios with Armoured Cars/Light tanks is their tendency to massively oversteer

ie. I give an AC a command to turn 90 degrees to its right, then to drive off at some speed in that direction.

The AC obeys its command and dutifully turns 90 degrees to its right - but then, instead of driving off, it continues to turn - up to an additional 45 degrees, then suddenly moves off, swinging back to the commanded direction.

Not only does this take extra time, but in tight terrain, it can lead to all sorts of weird facings.

In a battle I'm playing at the moment, an AC was told to move forward about 20m, then turn right ( about 90 degrees ) onto a road and move down it.

After turning onto the road, it continued to turn so much that it moved back off the road, up the embankment, crossed a hedge then travelled about 100m alongside the road before turning back to rejoin it.

It's a bit weird because during the process, it is facing in exactly the direction it needs to be, but ignores it in favour of the "extra".

Easily reproducible.

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I haven't found speed to be a factor - in fact, slow speeds seem to induce a slow pivot rather than a proper turn, but they seem to do this even from a stationary start.

I'll see if I can take some screenies to illustrate, but it is easily reproducible - I noticed it happen twice in the last turn I watched.

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You may want to avoid making 90 degree turns with anything less than 4-5 waypoints.

If it is a dangerous area, this also allows a Pause order at each point of the turn to make sure your AC isn't running into a tank. If it sees a bad guy during a pause it will usually back away in a much more orderly fashion.

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