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Problems with the Campaign


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Im about halfway through the early campaign and have noticed how hard it is to actually win a battle other than making the Mujihadeen surrender. To this end, I took some photos of an AAR showing that there must be a problem with the campaign missions.


In these pictures of the AAR of the mission "Kill Zone" we can clearly see that despite losing 3 killed, 4 wounded, 5 missing, 1 BMP lost and 4 Trucks Lost. The Mujihadeen side still got full objective completion for killing all my BMPs, Soldiers, Officers, and got over Half for my Trucks, even though i lost only 4 of 25. This is in addition to the bonus points they gain anyway. Needless to say I recieved a Major Defeat, in spite of these low losses, and getting all 21 remaining trucks off the map.

I propose that Battlefront take a look at the campaign missions and see if there are no errors with the victory conditions. There must be, even if it is just with this mission althought I have recieved similar AARs, for an occurance like this to take place.

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Do you still have the 'save game' of this ? If you do, then please open up a ticket in the Helpdesk and submit it. If there's an obvious problem with the scoring, then hopefully the programmers can take a look and potentially correct it. If it is a problem with the campaign components, then we'll have to look at that and possibly modify that.

I'm not sure if CM:A will see any sort of further patches. If an issue is important enough and there is time to correct it, then it MAY see a patch. However I can't guarantee anything, even if this error is reproducible.

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