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Video commentaries?


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Hello. This forum is rather dead it seems but I'll give this a try:

I'm looking for any video with commentary running through any campaign, scenario or pvp battle in CMAK (or CMBB). I've searched Youtube etc and found precisely zero. I understand that this game is very old now but I was surprised to find nothing at all (except for a brief let's play of the even more ancient CMBO).

The reason for this is that I have only very recently even heard of the CM series and, after finding out that my integrated video card won't play the CMx2 engine, I plumped for CMAK. I am just hankering after seeing someone play out a full battle to see and hear the thought processes that go on.

I've heard about various AARs but all links are long dead and I was hoping I'd missed something.

I'm not really looking for any written guidelines and not looking to play anyone other than the ai but I learn best from watching others play and extrapolating from there.

I'm not expecting much success but thought I'd ask.


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No video that i can find in my bookmarks. Here are some links for reading instead:



Look up a person named Poor Old Spike in many of the combat mission forums. He had all the ranges and battlefield effects, etc figured out with screen shots. Somewhere someone made a pdf download of all his findings on the game mechanics that help waging war in CM.

I do not have time at the moment to help you out more. I will check back in when i do, hopefully with more info.

Searching this forum CMAK and CMBB for tactics and such is a good start, if you haven't gone that route yet.

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Thanks a lot, both of you. I've been playing for about a week and I have indeed read many posts and I'm pretty sure I have a good handle on the game.

However, I did specifically ask for videos but I'm guessing that it's unlikely that there are many hidden away. I just love listening to peoples' thought processes and getting the kind of little insights that watching a complete game will bring.

If anyone does actually know of (or, dare I suggest, wants to make) any vids then I'd be eternally grateful! Cheers!

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