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Playing the CMBN demo.

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Have been playing the Learning Battle. in demo. found out AI moves the ATG two places in the hedge row. each time the battle starts it is one location or the other. So I use the the off map Artillery to hit the two Locations with and my 60mm mortar. Then I stick a tank out the open

hedge row area by the farm. to see if I got the ATG. Still got a lot of learning to do.

Not as easy as the CM1 to learn the moves.

Hope to purchase the Game soon.



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Zane, best wait a bit and see if there are 'bundle' offers when the Commonwealth module comes out.

I must admit that the 'play it a few times to see where the enemy is' approach is that which I first used.

However it doesn't always work with the campaigns and scenarios that come with the full game, I reckon on some of them there must be about 5 or 6 different IA scripts, so that pesky pair of A/T guns or Stug or inf gun pop up in more locations that an unwelcome fart.

I learned that the best way to approach this game is not 'learn the setup' but 'learn the drill' and there's plenty of advice on this forum of the best way to use your assets.

Get the full game and get stuck in - Razorback ridge is waiting for you.....

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