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Should be simple. How do I do it?

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1. My OB has a vehicle holding ammo for machine guns, riflemen, bazookas, and mortars. I'll place my mortars where I expect they can't be seen by the enemy, and I'd like to place the vehicle's mortar ammo nearby where it also shouldn't be seen by the enemy. How do I do it? (And how long in CM2 game time will it take?)

2. Assuming that vehicle survives the time required to unload the mortar ammo and also survives the journey to get near a bazooka team, how do I get the bazooka ammo in the vehicle to the nearby team?

3. How do I get MG ammo from the vehicle to an MG team?

4. How do I get ammo from the vehicle to riflemen who are running short of ammo?

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From page 89 of the CM:BN Manual:

The Acquire command allows an infantry unit to pick up equipment, weapons and ammunition from points where such goodies are available. In CM:BN, this usually means from infantry carriers such as halftracks and trucks which usually carry additional equipment in storage compartments.

In order to use Acquire, the infantry unit has to enter the vehicle first. A pop-up window lists all available equipment that the unit is eligible to choose from. Clicking on an entry removes the equipment or ammo from the list and places it into the inventory of the passenger unit.

Note: while soldiers automatically can share ammo without explicitly being ordered to (from nearby vehicles, or from nearby infantry units in their formation, as well as

through buddy aid), the Acquire command gives you greater direct control.


- only active when the infantry unit is inside a valid pickup area, such as inside a halftrack or truck


- after nearly an hour of continuous combat, the armored infantry platoon is running out of ammo. We split the squads into teams and order them into the nearby halfracks one by one to grab fresh ammo.

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Of the 8 bazooka rounds in the jeep, how many bazooka rounds will the two-man B team acquire when I move the B team into the jeep -- which is already carrying an MG team and its MG. I guess I'll first have to order the MG team to leave and move away from the jeep, with the B team paused to await the MG team's departure. (In real-life, I expect the jeep's occupants would simply hand the B rounds over and be happy to get them out of the way.)

I hope there's no nearby enemy fire when I try to get this task accomplished. As I said, "should be simple."

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Move your unit next to the jeep. As stated above, ammo sharing will happen automatically if the units are part of the same formation.

They have to stay by the jeep to actually use the ammo that way though. To put it in their own inventory and take it with them they have to get in the jeep and use the "Acquire" command.

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