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Can anyone explain this? I'm playing a QB H2H. I have an independent HQ (veteran, -2 leader rating, status +1 OK) in some sparse trees 15metres away is a squad (regular, +1 rested) which appears to be out of command. I have the red cross and no visual or sight icon evident. The second squad, 83metres away from the same HQ has a green cross and a visual icon and appears to be in command.........

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Maybe the squad in some sparse trees 15metres away are "hide" or the HQ is "hide" himself? When units are hide the C2 is reduced...

Check the LOS line HQ and squad in trees ...Maybe some visual obstacle ?

Hope that helps

Neither the squad nor the HQ were hiding. There was no rough/broken terrain at base of trees simply grass and flowers. There was a LOS from squad to HQ. However when both units advanced out of the trees the squad was back in command!

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Just a quick FYI: there are no divisional HQs in CM (so far at least). Possible chain of command only goes up to battalion. Could you have meant that there was no company HQ?


Yes, sorry I did mean Company HQ. Just out of interest, if a platoon HQ is out of command from his Co HQ does that mean that all squads in the platoon are out of command also, even if they are within LOS of the platoon HQ?

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