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Compatibility Mode??

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Hi I've purchased Combat mission 2 + 3 today..

But I can't start them up. I'm told to put the CD in, which I of course have.

Reading though the troubleshooter guide I'm told to change "Compatibility Mode" under Preferences for my shortcut.

I have no "Compatibility Mode tag??" What is going on?! How hard can it be to make a game start in windows - it's 2005!!! This gives me wibes of the nasty dos days...

I run windows 2000 with service pack 4

I have patched both games up to v1,03

Someone for godssake help me - I want to play! *upset*

Appreciate any help or explanations.

d :(

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Right click on the game icon or shortcut for each game. You'll get a drop down menu. Select "Properties".

Another pop-up with three tabs will show up. The one at the top-right is labelled "compatibility". Select it.

You'll see a checkbox identified as "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" Check this off.

Now the selection window below should be ungrayed. Select Windows 2000.

That should do it.

(Note the above instructions are based on what I can see on my XP Home machine. Things may be slightly different in Windwos 2000 but not much so I imagine)

Hope this will help you out.


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Aaah! Compatibility mode is an XP thing.

Just tried installing on my XP laptop and that worked out fine.

And Combat Mission 3 works on my 2000 too.

I had disk 1 in the drive - proves only Disc 2 was recognised. (Probably that is written somewhere and I was too flustered to pick up on it.)

So now I can play CM3 - But still I can't get CM2 to run. Maybe I'll give that a spin on the laptop too just to make sure its no physichal error with the CD.

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Where did you get the patches for CM2/CMBB ? There are specific patches for the CDV version (CM2) that are different from the Battlefront ones. If you've patched with the Battlefront version, you'll get a "no CD found" error. This is because of the different copy protection schemes used by the CDV and Battlefront versions of the game. Patching a CDV install with the Battlefront patches will result in the game looking for the Battlefront version of the CD and not recognizing what you have in the CDROM drive (which would be a CDV disc).

There are some download links to the patches on CDV's German website (in English). Notice that the 1.01 patch is 95Mb in size compared to the Battlefront version which is 25Mb in size. Some of the differences are support for multiple languages in the CDV version and also the number of changes that were incorporated in the Battlefront version before release that didn't make it in time for the code release to CDV.

[ May 01, 2005, 02:28 PM: Message edited by: Schrullenhaft ]

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I followed links from Battlefront.com but I'm pretty sure I got the cdv ones.

The 1.01 claimed to me 95Meg but is only 66,5 when downloaded.

1.02 is 27,2M

1.03 is 24,6M

I'll try downloading new patches and let you know if I have any luck.

When I become president of the world them there developers will have to name different version patches with different names :)

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The size of the patches for the CDV version of CM2/CMBB I have are (these are NOT 'Size on Disk' sizes):

1.01: 64.9 MB (68,135,191 bytes)

1.02: 26.6 MB (27,905,230 bytes)

1.03: 24.0 MB (25,255,890 bytes)

The 95Mb was reported on the CDV site, but it is apparently incorrect as you've already figured out.

If you've applied these patches and not the BFC ones, then I'm not sure why you would get the 'CD not found' error.

Do you know what version originally installs off of the CDV discs ? I'm not sure if CDV incorporated any patches beyond v. 1.0 in their CM2-only releases (I'm fairly certain that the 'Anthology' release if fully patched, except for CMAK/CM3).

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Well this will make you giggle..

But .... Um... The game is v1.03 straight from the box. - All I did was break it with my patches.

I'll be sitting in the corner wearing a funny hat.

Thanks a million, Schrullenhaft, for all your time invested in helping me - I would not have checked If you hadnt mentioned it. (Cause the game was cheap I automatically figured it was an old version.)

Ostfront here I come!

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