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Sie Kommen II Axis Help

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I need some help to win the 4th battle in the campaign. I was able to win the previous three, but this one is a tough nut to crack.


Those 3 AT Guns are invincible or so they seem. My artillery barrages don´t seem to affect them and they are able to destroy my panzers from 450-500 meters. Once located I tried to send them my 120mm shells in a 40 meters radio, but nothing, they remain alive. One of my Panzer even shot at it 20 HE shells, when he lift his head, ...dang, Panzer burning. If I leave my tanks behind they are even able to kill dozens of my infantrymen. I find impossible to cross the river as a result, any hints?

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First off, you should have two TRP's but they have vanished (this info, with files has been sent to BFC for review, no answer yet)... These TRP's could help (especially in replays as you can position them on the enemy AT assets), but I believe you can win without them...

The 2/175th AT Platoon in the battle Counter Attack has limited ammo supplies, one gun is 'Crack' the other 2 are 'Regular' and they have 80% headcounts... 2 of the AT are in trench positions and no matter what has been said about defense in trenches, is more formidable then given credit... The AT assets are setup in defensive positions that cover the main avenues of approach to cross the stream/river...

You have 27 rounds of smoke (divided between (3) 81mm mortar teams and (3) PzIV's)... This smoke will be valuable in moving into position (you will need to put a few platoons in a flanking left/right position) to take out the AT guns or at least blind them during movement (there is only a gentle breeze so the smoke will not dissipate too fast)... I believe if you can get your two forward observers (Mortar HQ Teams positioned 100m out front of deployment area) into place to apply fire (from the two teams of 120mm Mortars) on at least one AT guns this should open up the approach it is covering...

You might have got unlucky ( your first couple tries) as the 120mm Mortars should dispose of the AT guns... even the 81mm Mortars should do the job... If you do eliminate one of the approaches you should be able to advance and carry the day...

Also remember that a win in this battle will put you to the Canal Bridges Scenario and a Loss will put you into the Lakeland Scenario.... either way you can still win the campaign, but this is one of the tougher battles and the Lakeland battle will be tougher than the Cnal Bridges battle... at least that was the thought within the design...

Thanks for playing and you can always send me a PM if you want some more info...

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