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Drive error somtimes???

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I just put together a killer


AMD64 X2 4400

Asus-A8VE-Deluxe mobo

Gainward 7800GTX-GS-256MB PCI-E

2-GB of Geil PC-3200

WestDidgital 320GB Sata-2

Creative Labs-X-fi-Soundcard

Well had to change the jumpers on

HD because the Mobo does support

Sata-II-so when it boots I get boot disk error

but then I lay the PC on it's side then put

it back up-boot again it's fine-in

bios in boot I disabled the fastboot..

Then rebooted again about 5x and it was good-

except it takes about a min or so to boot up...

It seems when fast boot enabled and if I moved

it around then it acts up like that....(boot

disk error)

Any solutions???? :confused:

But plays BF2 with no probs @120/30 fps

something with all AA/Af 1280x1024...

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I assume that your Western Digital 320GB hard drive is the WD3200JS. What jumper setting are you using ? Generally the drive shouldn't really care a whole lot about how it is physically oriented in order to boot (though there are manufacturer specifications on the preferred orientations).

You may want to download the Data Lifeguard Utilities from Western Digital and run them (you may also have a disk of these utilties already if you purchased a retail kit of the drive). These utilities typically fix very little about drives that have problems. What they typically do is produce 'diagnostic codes' that allow you to return a drive for warranty repair/exchange if there's something wrong. There are some routines (however useful they may or may not be) that confirm "proper installation".

The latest BIOS I see for the Asus AV8-E Deluxe is 1012, though its release is to support new CPUs. Looking at the manual it mentions only support for SATA I (not II), so the data transfer rate is limited to 150MB/s. However none of the jumpers on the WD drive mention SATA rate.

I'm curious, is your power supply a 24-pin ATX or a 20-pin ATX (main power connector to the motherboard) ?

As far as I'm aware CMOS/BIOS "quick boot" feature only have a small effect on the overall boot speed of a computer. It mostly affects the BIOS's portion of the boot process rather than the hard disk's read/write performance for booting. It just usually turns off the BIOS POST memory count.

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My power supply is a PC Power&Cooling

Turbo Cool-510 SLI series:

Also why would the Data lifeguard would?

Well I'll try setting the jumpers the other


-I mean you know your stuff but according

to the jumpers I got set to 5-6 for sata-

150 only only operation WD-320-Caiver-SE16-

well I got that same problem-move the PC-around

the boot get boot drive error insert boot disk,

then move on it's side and back-then boot then

iy will boot either-fast boot enabled or not

Go figue... :eek: Thank You.... :cool:

Turbo-Cool 510 Express / SLI Technical Specifications

AC Input

Operating Range: 90-264 VAC

0.99 power factor


Frequency: 47-63Hz

Current: 10A

Efficiency: 75%


DC Output

Output: +5V @ 40A

+12V @ 34A/38A

-5V @ 0.3A

-12V @ 2A

+3.3V @ 30A

+5VSB @ 3A

continuous = 510W

peak = 650W

Regulation: 1% (+3.3V, +5V, +12V)

5% (-5V, -12V)

Ripple: 0.5% (p-p)

Hold Time: 20ms

PG Delay: 300ms


OV Protection: +3.3V, +5V, +12V

OC Protection: +3.3V, ±5V, ±12V

Agency Approval: UL/ULC/TUV/CE


Temperature: 0°-50° C

Humidity: 10%-90% RH

Fan Type: 30 - 52 CFM ball-bearing

Noise: 34 - 44dB(A)


Compatibility: ATX12V (2.2), SLI

M/B Connectors: 20/24-pin, P4, dual 6-pin video

See Diagram

Drive Connectors: 15 (6 SATA)

MTBF: 100,000 hrs.

M/B Compatibility: See List

Dimensions/Harness: See Diagram

Warranty: 5 Years

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Well just on a whim I've tried all

jumper settings with no avail-

I managed to download the Datalife

utilities-but really don't know

how to use it...

When I did boot-the HD as laying

flat on the back-placing back into

it's orginal upright position-it wouldn't

boot-so Bad HD-if I just move PC

case around and no boot except in a

certain position... :eek:

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Hard drives typically do like to be level in order to work without problem. However it does sound strange that the drive will not boot while on its side.

The WD Data Lifeguard Utilities come in a few formats. One of the more common ones is running it within Windows to extract a boot diskette. You then boot off of this diskette (reboot your computer). If you no longer have a 1.44Mb floppy drive, then there is a version that you can use a CD burning program to create a bootable CD. There are a couple of diagnostics that can be run that can either give your drive a clean bill of health or a diagnostic error code (actually just a serial numbered error) that you can use to get an RMA from Western Digital. In fact they'll probably require you to run it before you can get an RMA.

As far as I can tell, there is no need to jumper anything on the drive. The default configuration is no jumper (or a jumper on the pins closest to the 4-pin power connector - same result). I don't believe you need to jumper anything to have the drive perform or be compatible with SATA I (it should do that automatically).

So I'd recommend running the Data LifeGuard Diagnostics and see if it gives you an error code or not. You may want to try it both positions (but position the drive before booting/running the diagnostics).

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Well I do have a floopy....I did

download the Datalifeguard when the

drive was laying it flat on it's back-or

when I held it in my hand I could feel

the disks turning....

Well I put it in both positions and

it wouldn't boot...Unless I move it


It has a chioce of 4-pin molex power or

the sata connector-I connected the 4 pin


Well I took it to the local PC shop where

I bought it they got 10 month warranty...

Well Thanks Ian I appeciate the info

and your knowledge.... :D

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