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Floating icon additional future

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Isn't there already a mod that tells you what each member of a squad is doing,when you click on them.Something similar anyway.

Yes. Vin's animated text mod.

I don't know how all that info could fit into the floating unit icons. Two other ideas that have been presented here offer a bit more functionality. One is a "radio traffic" log that keeps track of important info like units out of ammo, panicking, or spotted enemy. The other idea is a drop down menu that would run down the side of the screen, a "roaster" if you will. This would give the player an overview of the fprces status; morale,ammo ect.. and would also show the command chain C2 and where it may be broken.

At very most the only thing i could see added to the floating icons would be a thin yellow or red bar appearing over the icon showing status like many other games use.

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