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  1. Thanks for giving your opinion. It will be more definitely more than 10 missions, I need to work on it but I can reach up to 20 total(I may also do a "slipt" in the campaign, a small mission without bad guys where you chose the path you want to follow for glory). The difficulty of the campaing will be balance by the fact the Marines are supporting Syrian defector, they will not be feature in all mission as the main opponent
  2. Hello all! Just asking if it exist a mod who permit to have access to all the weather and who also allow a greater range in date for SF2? I do not really care about snow but rain or at least fog would be great to have Thanks in advance
  3. Glad you solved the problem because otherwise I would have no idea why it don't work
  4. Thanks ! hope you will like the end result. I have a question for ya all, how long a campagin should be for you(in term of mission) ?
  5. Hello ! A little and quick update on the progress : Mission 1 WIP Mission 2 is tested, updated and almost ready to roll(need just briefing) Mission 3 is tested, updated and almost ready to roll(need just briefing) Misson 4 ready, tested. Need just briefing and its ready to roll Mission 5 Worp in progress Mission 6 ready, tested, need briefing and its ready to roll Mission 7 is tested, updated and almost ready to roll(need just briefing) 8 to X : Work in progress thanks !
  6. The next two after this one are smaller the 4th si intense but small in size
  7. Waaaou ! Well done ! Great vid ! Thanks And yes, troops replaced but not véhicules.
  8. Hello all, i hope your are all fine, I'm sure your are busy bringing communist to Europe in CMCW but, if you have some time to spare we are still locking to a player tester. Both MAP 2 and 3 have been refine and are in need or further testing. On the progress, i will soon start working on AMP4(making the map)
  9. I cannot find the edit button for the first post(i noticed that the pic do not appear on the first), i maybe blind... so pics from mission 3 : Glad to announce that IA plan is ready for mission 3, now i need it to be tested by player
  10. Hello all, I'm working with Lethaface on a new campaign, RED vs BLEU. The background : A COUP led to a power vacuum situation with various parties fighting for control of Syria. With help of Russian elements and emergency hardware (T-90AM, BMP-3, etc), Syrian forces have regained control of most of the territory of Syria; however there is still a lot of places with rebel presence. Some of those extremists, but war has blurred the lines between groups. After Russian intervention on Regime side, the US send in the marines (officially at the request of some local groups label as "democratic") stepped in from bordering Iraq and together with local militia forces cleared some area's from 'terrorists'. Coincidentally these area's hold a large part of the oil rich territories of Syria. The Syrian Regime formally filed a complain at the UN, but strategically it was in their short term interest to deny rebel forces the income from Oil. However now that Syrian forces have pushed back most rebel groups, time has come to negotiate the reunification of all Syrian lands. Also, the war has been exhaustive and the oil income would be very helpful rebuilding. Until now USA has always confirmed the USMC forces would be only temporary 'inside' Syria, while adding that US has no interests in permanently occupying any territory in Syria. However, no formal negotiation has been started. Recently US clandestine operators have been spotted around several rebel area's. Various activity has been observed around oil installations, further fueling speculations that the USA is supporting rebel groups setting up their oil industry. But most alarmingly is the information local informants who have infiltrated the lower cadre of various rebel groups, provide to the government. Several of the rebel groups seem to have decided to combine into a larger 'front', including the militia supported by USA. Rumors are they want to declare an independent state inside Syria, backed by USA. Time is limited because we know inside a few weeks USA can deploy heavy forces to the area. So, it's an 'all-in' operation from the Syrian government for which best troops and equipment are allocated. The goals are to be reached 'at any cost'. You will be in command of an Airborne battalion, mount on BMP-3, and support elements. You will face Marines and Syrian opposition fighter. Scenarii : Number unknow As for now the progress are the following : Scenario 1 : Will be redone Scenario 2 : Test phase Scenario 3 : IA plans and troops deployment Scenario 4 : Only a vague idea of the map Scenario 5 : Will see Etc etc.. As for now i'm looking for players to play test one or two scenario(2 and/or 3 mainly) [url=https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=21/17/rsky.png][img]https://zupimages.net/up/21/17/rsky.png[/img][/url] Screen for mission 3, i'm really happy with the map and the idea but it may be "too much" in term of scale, but need to be tested first before descale it. I will try to put more pics in the few coming day as the campaign progress. With Cold War out it the progression may be slow for a couple of weeks
  11. The idea is to extract the VIP yes, or at least beat all the rebels and keep him alive. I think it's up to the player to play until that point and not to CF before, but you right maybe something can be done regarding victory condition to force that(if he died, it's a lose tho). Enjoy mission 4 ^^ it will be hell of a ride(normally)
  12. Did you mean the bunker at the palace . Normally you should not be able to "move" or reoriented bunker other than the one at the place(and it's not even sure). Or maybe I still do not understand hahaha xD Any way, hope you have fun and hope you win this time
  13. do you have some screenshots ? I didn't get your last sentence, what is "bunker" ? Regarding the testing, i do not want to burn you more than you already are i will find other guinea pig no worries (I just discover than in English you used the name of an actual animal for that meaning xD).
  14. And would you be happy to play test one of the new scenario for the new campaign ??
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