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  1. Did the Soviets even have leg infantry during the game's timespan other than a few air assault units and Spetsnaz?
  2. I think that's how it's supposed to work. You get the amount of rounds listed under HE in total, of which a certain number can be smoke rounds.
  3. Nevermind. I think I just ran out of mouse battery. I didn't expect the cursor to disappear entirely.
  4. This was on Windows 10. Did your cursor disappear too? I can't get mine back even after restarting the computer.
  5. Has anyone else had the camera just randomly start spinning uncontrollably?
  6. I personally find Steam to be rather inconvenient because of the load time for both Steam itself and the game. I don't buy/put anything on Steam if I can get it anywhere else.
  7. Thanks for those links. It's a lot more readable than the scanned maps. @Combatintman I'm pretty much ready to give up on Italy for the reasons you mentioned.
  8. Wow, thank you. I've been at a total loss when it comes to topo maps for that area. I haven't entirely decided to do this particular battle. I've been focusing on it for now because I could get information on the movements of individual companies. As I mentioned, I'm still in the feasibility stage. I'm looking to do something with the 36th Infantry Division. I volunteer at the Texas Military Forces Museum at Camp Mabry so I thought it would be an interesting project to do. I've made scenarios using Master Maps before but creating a map from scratch is new to me.
  9. I have been doing some feasibility studies regarding historical scenarios I might try making and I came across something weird when preparing overlays in Google Earth. When I placed the enclose map and lined it up with the towns and other landmarks, I noticed that the scales didn't match up. The land area in question is indicated to be larger on Google than in the map. What did I do wrong?
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