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  1. That was the problem, because I have three email accounts and I didn't check the one that I set the account up with. My sincerest apologies for flying off the handle like that. Just not having a good day but that is no excuse but it is a reason. Again, I apologize and I'll be sure to check that email once Cold War is released as I pre-ordered it as well. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I just saw that Fire & Rubble is now available for download. I pre-ordered this on 02/05/2021. My Order still says Process. What's the deal here? If I pre-order something, from anyone, and it becomes available I expect it to be delivered or I can download it. Not happy about this at all. Chris.
  3. Good Easter morning everyone, I need to fill a few slots on my CMx2 game roster. I prefer CM:FI but will also play CM:BN, CM:RT, and CM:FB. I will play any stock scenario, scenarios published by others, or Quick Battles. I prefer medium sized scenarios on medium or large maps. My only house rule is no pre-plotted artillery or air-strikes during a meeting engagement until Turn 5. During other types of scenarios the attacker can pre-plan artillery barrages or air-strikes on Turn 1. I play Iron level. I prefer to play the Axis but will play the Allied player if they are the attacker. If interested, send me a private message. I do use DropBox but I do not use CMH (never could get it to work). Hope to hear from you soon. Chris.
  4. Yeah, I hate that those first turn pre-plotted artillery barrages and/or airstrikes. I usually have a house rule that says you can't pre-plot an artillery barrage or air-strike on turn one. Pre-plotted missions at five minutes is fine by me. No matter what BFC does with any updates for any of the games, I will always purchase and play them.
  5. I agree with you. So, it might be best to stop debating this subject any further.
  6. I completely agree that it is just a game and it is meant to be fun to play. But going back to what AttorneyAtWar said about MRLS rocket artillery being outside the scope of the game could just as easily be said about naval gun fire support in CMBN and CMFI. You have anything from a destroyer's 5" guns all the way up to a battleship's 14" guns. And then you have the super heavy artillery of all the nations in most of the games. I just did a little math project with the scenario editor from CM:BS this morning. The absolutely largest map you can make in the editor is 4.16 Km x 4.16 Km or 520 grid squares x 520 grid squares at 8 meters each. That equates to 17.31 sq. Km or 270,400 grid squares. Now AttorneyAtWar said that a salvo of rockets from a single MLRS M270A1 MRLS could obliterate a 1/4 section of a typical CM:BS map or 15,625 sq. grid square section or up to 1/2 a section of the same map or 33,750 sq. grid square section. Using this monster map I played with this morning, that wouldn't be possible with one salvo from one MRLS. Now a typical battery of four MRLS, yes that could be close to what AttorneyAtWar said and the unlucky troops on the receiving end would be vaporized. And I was dead wrong about the reload time for the MLRS M270A1 MRLS . A reload can be done in four to five minutes but these units use the shoot and scoot tactic and then reload at a different location. I am just one of those game players, for almost 40 years now, that has always felt that the guy with the most toys WINS!!!!
  7. Then how can BFC justify that cluster munitions are within the scope of the game? A barrage of cluster munitions can take out a large chunk of any size BFC map. I'm just trying to make sense of what BFC is doing with these games. Don't get me wrong, they are and always have been great games. If they weren't, I wouldn't have been playing them for 20 years or so. I forgot one NATO country to include in any subsequent CM:BS module, the UK. I like Challengers a lot. Okay, onward and upwards.
  8. It was a huge map. The Russians approached over open ground from the other side of a tree line with some scattered small hills and a few copses of trees but hardly any cover. The Abrams were sitting at the far end of the map on a small ridge line in the open. They were not hull-down. As soon as the T-90s cleared the tree line, at least seven of them were taken out, as in destroyed completely.
  9. I can see your point and it is a very good one indeed. I would just like to see Black Sea taken to the absolute limit as far as a country's military might can be taken. As the game is now, the Russians can barely handle an attack from the United States especially if M1A2 SEPS are available. I ran a test with 30 T-90AM w/APS against a platoon of four M1A2s. Every single Russian T-90 was destroyed and only one Abrams was immobilized. Now that seems a little lop-sided to me.
  10. One further note to this discussion. I noticed that in the upcoming Cold War game that cluster munitions are available for both artillery barrages and air-strikes. I've seen what these absolutely evil devices can do. So saying that, why have cluster munitions in the Cold War game if we can't have modern rocket artillery in any subsequent Black Sea module? It just doesn't make sense to me. One other Russian Federation vehicle is the TOR-M2 (NATO code-name SA-15 Gauntlet) self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system.
  11. Why not? It is part of modern day warfare and war is hell, no matter what historical period game you might be playing. And the thing is, they would, like most rocket artillery be able to fire just one salvo. Takes too long to reload any of them unless you were playing a huge 2 hour long scenario. Besides that, there are all kinds of rocket artillery units in the Combat Mission games covering World War II. Granted, they aren't as accurate as modern day rocket artillery but they can do lots of damage in the right situation. I say, include them. If you got them, use them. A good fix to the problem would be to make them very expensive to purchase in a Quick Battle situation.
  12. I am sure that this has been discussed before but I wanted to comment on the Russian Federation ground forces for any future Black Sea module. After looking at the Black Sea manual, I noticed that there are no rocket artillery units, not even the BM-21. The Russian Army relies heavily on it's rocket artillery assets such as the BM-21 (is listed in the upcoming Cold War TO&E), TOS-1A, BM-30 Smerch, BM-27M Uragan-1M to name a few. I also noticed that the United States MLRS M270A1 MRLS is also missing from the United States force mix. Another Russian vehicle that is missing and is in use by their forces is the BMP-72T (Terminator). I feel that the inclusion of these weapon systems would only enhance this great game, not to mention some NATO units too, Germany and France in particular. And of course, the re-introduction of the venerable A-10. What is a modern battlefield without hearing that BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP from that 30mm GAU gun? No, I do not believe that the T-14 Armata should be included as it does not enter service, other than the 100 test vehicles, until 2022 or later.
  13. Sort of like the British Scimitar but with a larger gun. Good recon vehicles, as stated above.
  14. Thank you gentlemen. Just wondering about certain aspects of the game system.
  15. Agreed, but we will still be here slugging it out. Right?
  16. Believe me on this. If I spot a Javelin team, I will definitely take a very high interest in them and kill them.
  17. Yes, the T-90AM with the Arena advanced protection system can defeat a Javelin, in some cases. Also, if your scenario is using a high level of EW that could also be a factor. Last but not least, the level of training your troops have with the system and what their morale level is at the time the missile is launched. The Russian Tunguska is great for laying down a tremendous amount of suppressive fire. If I were part of a Javelin team and encountered one of those beasts, do you think I am going to stick my head up to launch the Javelin. Not a chance in h*ll.
  18. Hello everyone, We are having a discussion in a FaceBook group that is dedicated to Combat Mission. I am sure this question has been asked before, but we are wondering why the hedgehog obstacle can't be cleared by an engineer unit with a satchel charge? It shouldn't take any more time for an engineer unit to destroy the obstacle as it does to blast a hole through a wall or a hedgerow, but definitely more dangerous. I am personally wondering why the German dragon's teeth obstacle is not included, especially since they would be available in Final Blitzkrieg or any module for that title? Just wondering so be kind.
  19. In a recent quick battle, I wanted to purchase some air-support for my German forces but was not able to find any forward air-controllers to direct any air-strikes. I tried to locate them in every German formation available in CMBN and in each month covered by the game. Are they available at all? If they are, where might I find them. Chris.
  20. Good morning, I have started collecting mods for my CM library. I have found just a few terrain mods for CMFI/GL/RV, mainly the (whitewash barn, and the ground, tree bark, and trenches by Aris). I was wondering if there are any other terrain mods (additional building, walls/fences, fortifications, flavor objects) available? If so, where might I find them? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Chris
  21. Good afternoon, I am looking for an opponent to play all of the scenarios for any players of CMBN, CMFI, CMFB, or CMRT (I have all current expansions and patches). I want to start with the very first of the stock scenarios (except the tutorial ones) to the final one. I will play either Elite or Iron level. The winner of each scenario will decide which side the other player plays in the next scenario. My only house rule is I prefer that there are no first turn artillery barrages or air strikes. I prefer to use DropBox but will use regular email to send/receive turns. If interested, please private message me. Thanks, Chris.
  22. That Pak40 is looking really good. Shoot, the whole Fire & Rubble expansion has been very impressive to me. Just have to remain patient.
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