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  1. I fully agree that the timeframe in CM is to short for Air Recon in the WW2 parts. Just for Informations, if you reed Zetterling or Edwards you will find, that Air Recon often dont need 24 Hours its more 2 - 6 in really urgent situations even less. In that kind of situations, they drop casules with handwritten notices and often the div. or bat. HQ-Recon units had relay them back to HQ for usage. BUT the second factor is, even that works partly quite well, the kind of informations are much less reliable. Because the equipment and bad friend-foe-identification,.... Also what we do most time in CM is force-recon because the maps are often not that big and that was often the job for the recon-units like Panzerspaehabteilungen or more often than you might think the kradschueztenbataillon / kompanie (Motocycleinfantrybataillion/company) least are really underrepresented in many games.
  2. Greetings, just a litte question right here, is there any fix for the Semper Fi, Syria at the horizon? The 60mm Mortars are missing in every Mission so far and also in Mission 6 The Hornets nest also the 155mm Battery is empty,... i really like the Campaign but at "The Flank Guard" it really stressed to get bombarded 50mins and no chace for arty. Still SF2 is amazing work and i have much fun with that but always wrong or missing support is a bit ,... pain in the arse
  3. At first, thx for the amazing Work. But i find another issue, in Mission 2 and 3 i miss some of my of-map-mortars. In Mission 2 i got no 60mm Mortars but 2 Batteries 81mm In Mission 3 the only support is the Mason,...
  4. And i have to wait for the upgrade ordering,... noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo What a harsh world For everybody allready Downloading, guys im happy for u! NO MERCY!!!
  5. Bad thing: i hate be patient Good thing: Im easy to distract Solution: Just give Gary Grigbys a next try and let time fly while read the Novel,... ähm i mean the manual,... Devs, just take ur Time and thx for the amazing franchise !!!
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