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  1. Hello. Is there any Penetrationtable for RussianvsGerman Tankgunvs Armor Tables out there? I got one for Western Allies against German Units but not for Russian Against German.
  2. Thx. I found out how to solve my Problems by Manually giving the Install Pathes of the Games i own. But now i have the Problem that everytime i Restart every Game in my List is doubled and he autosearches for new Installs that he finds: Version Unknown. You get what i mean? Great Program btw!
  3. Have Problems with CM Helper 1.2.5 finding my CMFI Gustav linie Addon. Also im having Problems setting up Games. I choose the Dropbox Folder i setup File #1 in there and it copy it to my Incoming Folder thinking that its my Turn
  4. I dont have Problem with overall Randomness. Reasonable Randomness as you explained. But i remember back in CMBN Times we had similar Results (or some Topic on it. Cant remember what it was about. Sherman or Tiger) where the same happended. Something like Back of the Tank Hit by HE Shell and the Turret Optic was Damaged. Or something like that.
  5. Sorry Folks. Never wanted to be rude and im not that upset as my initial Post would suggest. I cant write that often because sometimes after logging in the Forums just dont let me and want a logging over and over again when i hit the "reply" Button so i sometimes give up on this. Also i want to make clear that im not that 5 Year old Child thats sitting there and crying that every Odd is against him. Every strange thing that occurs will come for the Opposing Side too. So. I just have the feeling that when you sometimes come up with something that is explained very easily you get a com
  6. The Shot was taken onto the Tile where the Stug was standing and it wasnt visible to the T34/85 shooting. Thats why the TacAI choosed HE Shells. @womble: First we get weird results. Next is weird explanations from you to justifiy those Results? Sorry. But i want to see you one Day admitting that there might be an Error/Lack of Simulation or too much abstraction and maybe let the Devs explain this why its happening? I always got the Feeling that you are the Propaganda Minister of BFC.
  7. Had a PBEM going where an T34/85 hits a Stug3G with Open Hatch with HE Shell on Long Range. The Shell hits the Upper Hull between Driver Slit and Commander Hatch. The Tank was buttoned up and both Commander and the Guy to his Right where sticking their Heads out of the Tank. Noone of them gets Killed or Injured. :mad: The Tank gets a yellow Track Icon for lightly Tracks hurt?! :mad: Sorry to say that BFC but your Subsystem Damage System is at least to be "weird" to "inexplicable"
  8. Problem is not the Bad Modelled Tiger/Panther. Its the Testrange Hit% and the Small Maps that make those T34/85 shine on Engagement Ranges (because of small Maps and almost no Tankcombat on +800m) that occur almost every Time. The Good German Optics/Training and that overall (Russian and German) Hit% taken from some Testrange Hit% Sources doing right that. No Matter if Tiger/Sherman/T34 on Short Ranges. The one who First Shoots wins. Diffrent to CMBB. But thats another Story. On the other Hand the Costs for a Panther are very low compared to T34/85. Pointswise its a 2:1 Ratio That
  9. How long does it take for CAS to start doing their Work? is it totally Random? Anything mentioned in the Manual?
  10. Right now im playing a PBEM against Panthers,Tigers and Stugs. Fighting Ranges are +1000m and more. Those cats owning my Su85 and T34/85s Often i dont even have the Chance to spot them. Feels very realistic. Hope they tone down the Hit% a bit more. Right now they hit like on the Practice Range (soviets too) I had a Frontal Hit from a Panther on the Gunmantlet of a SU85. Penetrated and took him out with 1 Hit. Any Site where i can compare Russian Guns against German Armor and visversa?
  11. What is the Area of Defense of that 37mm AA Guns? How far can the effectivly Attack Enemy Airplanes? How does those CAS work. How they find their Targets and is there some sort of hiding your Units? How to avoid blue on blue fire?
  12. There was a Discussion about bunkers. Crew Fighting when leaving them or the Front Slit Discussion. What has changed?
  13. Thank you Steve! Those Changelogs can be a Huge Selling Argument for many People who come back. I remember once CMBN was released. Some of the Game was great. Other things needed to get better. I never purchased CMFI or a CMBN Module. Then the Patch 2.0 came out and i gave the Game a Second Chance (as im a Combat Mission Fan since year 2000) and its a Blast! Its a totally diffrent Game after the Patch and i highly recommend anyone i met to give it a chance or a second Chance. So a rough overview on what has been looked into would be a great seeling Argument i guess.
  14. But wouldnt it be great to know what got fixed? Also want to know about that "ATG-Mobility" thing. Great to have that hull down Spotting Fix in the Game. Cant wait replay some Scenarios of CMFI and CMBN where that was an Issue to me. Hope there will be a Patch soon. Will buy all of them. *thumbUp*
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