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  1. Hi! Will there any modern scenario on the way after SF 2? /Thx Dan M
  2. Hello! Just wondering what will be the next sim in the CM saga will be? /Thx Dan M
  3. Merry merry Christmus and a lousy new year 🙂
  4. Hi! Have a confused and dumb question but.. Do you need credit card or pay pal to buy CM SF 2? /Thx Dan M
  5. Hello What will next Combat Mission be? /Thx Dan M
  6. Hello Searching for a PBEM oponent for CM : Battle for Normandy 2.0 :-) I have the brit addon to so if any one else have it , that is good to... If any one is wanna play pm or email on dmagnusson123 (at) gmail.com /Dan M
  7. http://www.facebook.com/CombatMissionGames Hello guys Have started this community page on Facebook.. it's free for anyone to join :-) /Dan M
  8. hello there I'm intreested in a PBEM game... Just wondering what H2HH is? my email is dmagnusson123 (at) gmail.com if you wanna contact me /Dan M
  9. Hello searching for a PBEM oponent to CM BN 2.0 .. I'm a newbie so searching for a newbie player to.. But doesnt really know how it works so... Need instructions :-) my email is dmagnusson123 (at) gmail.com /Dan M
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