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  1. another one here with same problem. Win10... os, CMH worked fine yesterday... now today this: i even tried to reinstall and got same error Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 6, in <module> File "__main__.py", line 128, in <module> File "__main__cmh__.py", line 125, in <module> File "controller.py", line 51, in __init__ File "appstate.py", line 52, in __init__ File "permadict.py", line 29, in __init__ File "permadict.py", line 79, in load ValueError: File not in a supported format
  2. ok, first... do a search on your C: drive (or where ever you have CMH installed) for: greenasjade a subfolder should show you CMHhelper mine was C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\GreenAsJade\CMHelper i renamed it in case i screwed something up, (i read someone on BF Forum said delete it) i just added xxx in front of the name then back to CMH C:\Program Files\cm-helper-1.7.5 find the cmh.exe and double click... it WORKED!! i did have to go back in and reset the paths to battles in progress... but so what?!
  3. yes... when i start the PC, i get a window with 2 options. Win10 or WinXP thanks for the (only) reply (so far) i do have admin rights.... so no issue there. i was advised to get 3.12 'patch' ... all the CM exe's (and mod's) are in the game folder so if i have to, i can start from the beginning - if i have to. just looking for an easy way....so far, its been anything but
  4. here's my status i've got a 'new' system - win10 - but the tech guy installed my 'old' pc HD so i can boot in either winXP or Win10 but i want to operate CM from win10. i have all the recent CMBN and CMFi versions, except not CMFB everything worked fine via winXP to change to my win10 install...can i just copy all the files from old to new HD? or do i have to install everything again? by everything, i mean... all CM v1 v2 and v3? and then activate everything? or install (or copy and activate) JUST ver 3? and same goes for dropbox settings and H2hh.... sorry for being s
  5. apologize for my ignorance, but i don't see a "vehicle loops folder" Data game files images Misc Mod Tools Modules plugins that's it... and nothing similar in sub folders... can you give me a hint where i'd find said folder?
  6. instead of the load screen music (slow drum beat) i was wondering if that sound could be replaced with say... the sound of a slow moving Tiger I tank? ... i've done a search and looked thru the folders in game, but i don't find any vehicle sounds. can you help?
  7. mine was easier ......after reading the instructions, i thought it said to enter the Lkey from 2.0/CW install... then when i READ my email, and seeing that MG had its own Lkey... well... its fixed now
  8. exact same problem here.. just downloaded and installed.. but scenario selection (bottom half?) are grayed out .... Did you get it resolved Jim?
  9. and as i understand it, the US was not a signee of the GC... are they now?
  10. see? after 10 attempts at doing the SAME thing, or looking at alternatives, i finally resorted to LOOKING at the install location. and! i even posted it correctly in my email: > placed that patch in the folder containing CMBN files. > in the folder F:\Combat Mission Battle for Normandy but when clicked on "browse" for some reason (and i Did NOT notice it) it added a 2d folder location! like this: in the folder F:\Combat Mission Battle for Normandy\Combat Mission Battle for Normandy when i finally saw that, and corrected all was as it should be. i did get a little concerned w
  11. when i attempted to install the patch the default path was the same as what CMFi gave us.. that being C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission is THAT where this patch SHOULD be located? here is the step by step i did: i downloaded... patch is on my HD (in fact i downloaded it 3 times, thinking maybe the 1st was corrupted) placed that patch in the folder containing CMBN files. in the folder F:\Combat Mission Battle for Normandy from that location i double clicked on the exe and then clicked on 'run' it begins... 'unpacking files' licensing acceptanc
  12. thanks Lane.. but that was a typo on my part i copied the path, to show (here) that the FOLDER was the same place as the patch. the 'exe' is not part of where i attempt to install the patch. good guess tho! "F:\Combat Mission Battle for Normandy MAYBE its the "\" at the end that needs to be added, or deleted! i'll try that ~ ------------- nope that wasn't it...
  13. read the instructions.. verified my install of CMBN2.01 is here: "F:\Combat Mission Battle for Normandy\CM Normandy.exe" placed the patch in same. extracting files... click 'accept' etc.. but then it stops at Setup, saying install location not found - continue? i've said 'no' .. but now what?
  14. > BATTLEFRONT/Steve ok.. here's something i'm sure you know, but throwing it out there because i think it might help some (me incl) on the module/pack/upgrades/ etc etc question. simply stated, some folks are word oriented (?) and some are graphic oriented.. at least there are 2.. i in particular can relate much quicker to a drawing of a concept than i can when it is described to me in detail with words. so the idea i propose, if such a thing is possible or desirable by BFC.. is a picture/layout of the way you've described the way CM and all the add-on's work... a bubble diagram if y
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