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  1. Winds from the North in a certain stock battle. 3 squads 100m away and to the South. 10 dead from friendly fire. What say you? 120 meter drift? Really? This is dissapointing... oh well. Didn't know 60mm motars drifted off target that much.
  2. Thank you very much BFC! I never had such a well rounded experience with a game before and this quick and indepth patch makes it that much more. Very impressed with how you guys operate.
  3. Hello again friends, more questions from my feeble CM understanding... So, regarding these 'marksmen' in rifle squads... what exactly is their "use" other than helping spot with a scoped rifle? (I'm assuming they aid in spotting, from prior threads on the forum.) I have read through the "sniper" posts and understand their differences. I can't split the marksmen out to a two man team for tactical purposes, so I'm unsure of how to best weild this asset? I've also noticed that they, being the actual marksman, are usually among the first soldiers down in a given squad. Maybe this
  4. All good comments, can't thank everyone enough. If your patience will allow- the following quote is interesting and I have a short question regarding it... How do I go about having my squads 'shoot from the hip' when advancing? I assume the 'assault' button? But I thought that was, one team from a squad moves (seems like they are on 'fast') to said waypoint while the remainder of the squad remains stationary to provide overwatch/ suppressing fire. And then the further most team stops at said waypoint provides cover and the remainder of the squad towards the rear 'bound' for
  5. JasonC- Well done. So much great info in your post. Many thanks to you. It was clear, concise, and I got it (which I don't get all posts on the board even though I read them...) Administrator- Smoke & Slow, got it. Unfortunately, I assumed, from previous training missions/scenarios, that MG fire from 200+ against 'pinned' lying down infantry didn't seem to be too effective. So I thought a crawl forward would be somewhat prudent but perhaps not. Pak40- lound and clear. I guess another moral of story is- use the ammo you need in the situation you are in, be prudent but not rid
  6. Yes, a fantastic job. I may be re-spewing previous comments but this is the first tactical WWII game I have purchased in 10 years (PC based of course.) A job well done and thoroughly am enjoying it.
  7. Thanks Rambler, you must have been posting when I was. Your thoughts were/ are welcomed and I'll give it a go as soon as I resume the game.
  8. Michael, thank you for the insights. I was planning on employing your suggestions the last 200 meters. Originally being 400- 500 meters out (not from the objective but from the first contacts, over open flat ground, again no cover at all), with limited ammo (like some squads are 500 rounds), I just couldn't use the 'bounding' technique because I figured it was all for naught (outside the range of Garands, etc.). I tried to get them to crawl as far as possible while still retaining the 'quick' option to lessen the distance to some kind of cover, which was 200 meters ahead. I will try th
  9. Speedy, thanks for the reply... I would avoid open ground but there is no way to avoid it. From the left part of the map to the right side... it's ALL open flat ground with nothing but tall grass and sand impressions in some places... this continues for about 250 meters straight ahead with a small ditch filled with water and a few bushes in the middle... then after that another 200 meters and a two fences to hop over. It's seems hopeless... although, the smoke deal is a good idea.. maybe I can drop some down the tubes.
  10. To be as brief as possible... CM:BN is my first purchase of the series, so I'm quite new, thus my question. And that is: When advancing over open ground (say 200-400+ meters) without ANY cover, with a company size force, what is a good method? I don't want to give out the campaing I'm playing but it should probably be pretty obvious. Anywho, my first try has been so-so. I've lost about 1 man a minute and have advanced 200- 250 meters. 10 minutes in so far, 10 guys down. To be specific, I originally parted off scout teams from my platoons with target arcs no-more than 150 meters (
  11. Many thanks gents. Off to Normandy I go! The hardest lesson so far and the best thing I have observed about the game... casualties are going to happen, there is 'no best' way to approach the objective(s). There are 'better ways', just not 'best ways'.
  12. Good day everyone, I'm a complete noob to CM games and CM:BN is going to be my first purchase of the series. First off, compliments to Battlefront and the game designers/ developers. Also, what a great forum here. So many times on other forums... well, you all know how it goes... they turn out to be not so helpful. I learned quite a bit just reading through, needless to say, it helps! Some small questions that probably are obvious but I couldn't find in the manual or reading through the threads. (I've covered almost 35 pages of the forum here but not all 55+, to try to get 'up t
  13. I'm a do & do. I wanna win and I care how I do it. The latter could be subjective to some... for me, it's taking as few casualties as possible, avoiding big risky tactics (if possible), covering the angles, maxing out the time limit, knowing when to fall back (after scouting a line), finding 'the path less traveled'... that's my due care.
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