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  1. More updates... Aug. '43 Russia- Just when I think the German forces have reached their high-water mark in Soviet country; I keep seeing more reinforcements brought in. Sure, I might have seen some enemy units move to the western front but as soon as they leave, more show up to replace them in Russia. I think the Eastern Front seems balanced. No complaints here. Strategically the A.I. has done a good job. After their initial push, they flanked to the South, then the SE, and then North. Moscow and Leningrad are basically surrounded. I am still holding the mines in the Urals but
  2. More updates... it is Jan. '43 in my game vs. the Axis (computer +.5 exp.) Russia- The Soviets barely made it through the Fall of '42. Winter didn't show up until Jan. of '43. It was great weather for the hordes of the Axis force. I had HQ's filling gaps in the line to the South and East of Moscow. My landings in Italy seems to have brought some German and Italian forces from the Eastern Front. A German Fighter wing and dive bomber wing showed up (at then end of last turn) along with an Italian Fighter wing. My small front at Cherbourgh (spelling?) and Breast on the Normandy coas
  3. Just a quick update on my current game...again, I'm playing as the Allies, computer +.05 in experience. Russia- the Germans are camped outside of Moscow. I've got a decent force around Moscow and Leningrad but that's really about it. I have some rear-guard units in the form of an army and a few corps to the SW, S, & W, stationed at various cities. They are proving an annoyance to the German advace... well maybe not an annoyance but a diversion. At one town/city on the Black Sea (can't remember the name), there are about 5 German Corps, 5 Mechanized divisions, and a few Armys (I foul
  4. Actually Al, to compliment the A.I. in Op. Barbosa; they have done a good job. They didn't extend their gains too far into the motherland where I would easily destroy two or three stray armies out of supply. They pushed past a recently taken city but it seemed the A.I. did this only to ensure there was some type of unit occupying the next city. If not the A.I. could have rightly "marched right in". The A.I. would then move North or South, depending on, what seemed like, it's most favorable opportunity cost. I see units that regularly rotate out to replenish strength and upgrade, as tec
  5. Just very generic feedback... I am playing against the Axis, current time in game is Winter '41. Experience (+.05, computer) Russia is really skating on thin ice. Germany surprised me a bit. I did my usual by massing units around Leningrad, Moscow, and a jagged line extending to the cities that connect the dot to Stalingrad. So, the spring of '41 goes as expected with Germany gaining ground rapidly but at the 'usual pace'. They move to solidify their gains in summer and then I hit back with some tanks and air power in the summer. Well, fall rolls around and to my amazement
  6. Sorry, I've been working long hrs. this summer with little time to play... just noticed that V 1.02 has been posted for SC Gold and for the life of me can't remember how to patch. Can someone post a brief reminder? I thought there was a sticky at one point but couldn't find it. Also, I read the 'changes'... seems the AI is better? Any comments? Many thanks! -Dellinger
  7. Ran into a saved game problem- when I tried to reload my saved game, it gives me a message saying..."Could not find directory 1942 Brute Force_Temp, loading game without customization". So the game loads fine, it's just countries have the wrong flags and so do their fighting forces (i.e.- the Common Wealth British armies of India have Switzerland flags and the description even reads Switzerland? The Swiss flag flies over Bombay?) Similar in other Common Wealth minors. I'm sure this is a simple fix in the game files but I'm far from competent in switching things around. Any help?
  8. Was the depature port of the island(s) fully functioning? (Level 5?)
  9. I believe I moved an extra air unit to Pearl and Congress had a fit... not 100% on that as it was quite a few games ago.
  10. SeaMonkey- thanks for the reply. Good info there. I did see the AAR... but I'm not that kind of player... or not yet anyway. Italy, as I envisioned it, was to compliment "Fortress Europe". Keep Italy well secured. Drain the Royal Crown's MPPs in N. Africa. Destroy/ erode the Royal Navies strike/support ability in the Red Sea/ Med. I don't envision them as an offnesive force unless the opprotunity present's itself. That will probably all change since this is my first go-round as Axis commander.
  11. Some general questions regarding Axis play... my first game as the Axis by the way. 1.) Minor country mobilization... Specifically Germany: How do you get Finland, the various Baltic states to 'join' the Motherland without invading them individually? I can't remember the names specfically but I think you have to invade Yugoslavia because they lean less in favor of the Axis. But Hungary and another small minor lean heavily Axis. I thought invading Russia would prompt them but they haven't joined (80% & 75% are the mobility ratings at current in my game.) And I noticed Finland alway
  12. Intersting AAR... thanks for posting, I love reading these things...
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