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  1. Ive got these in the works-

    Putot en Bassin- Royal Winnpeg Rifles vrs 12 SS (part 1). Testing

    Putot en Bassin - Canadian Scottish counter-attack vrs 12 SS (part2). Testing.

    Brouay - Brits attack 12 SS. Testing

    Francheyville - a special mission.

    Another about to reach testing in about a week.

    The 2 Putot en Bassin should be about a month away.

    Brouay about 6 weeks

    Francheyville about a month.


  2. Hello my fellow Normandy veterens

    I have two scenarios Iv'e been working on and I have reached the point where I need some playtesters to give my creations are whirl.

    Brouay - HTH,PBEM, 2 x British plans, German Vrs the Allied AI.

    7th Green Howards, A and part of B squadrons 24th Lancers.


    Elements of the 12SS.

    90 minutes of time.


    Putot-en-Bessen - HTH,PBEM. No AI yet.

    Canadian Winnipeg Rifles try to hold Putot against the III/26/12SS.

    Winnipeg Rifles battalion + ATG and TD elements

    III/26/12SS Battalion

    Panzer Lehr Panther detachment

    120 minute time limit


    Feed back on these battles will help alot.

    Both are a tough fight and have large maps.

    PM me and I will be in contact asap.


  3. Its amazing how much my hearing has improved since starting this thread.

    When I hear the wife approaching and Im reading your posts I have to quickly click on another.

    If the hearing fails me I may be on the evening news in the crimes of passion section.

    The wife being passionate in killing me.

    Me being passionate in staying a man and alive. :eek:

    One suggestion that was made didnt work at all.....I pointed the remote at her and pressed pause....nothing....I paused again....nothing.

    My conclusion is she is on another setting from the TV, which is probably why she talks through DVDs Ive selected. Either that or I need a universal remote.

    Oh and why do wives have such small feet ?

    So they can stand closer to the kitchen sink while doing the dishes :D


  4. The Invasion of Russia -

    Failed to take Leningrad

    Failed to take Moscow

    Failed to take the Russian oil fields

    Failed to take Egypt

    Failed to knock England out of the war by any means.

    America declaring war, the numbers just got bigger against Germany and once the Normandy landings took place it was game over.

    To many objectives, not enough troops for everything

    Having Axis Allies that werent up to the same standards.

    After the summer of 1942 it wasnt going to go in the German favour.

  5. Ok, let me see if I have this right.:rolleyes:

    Ignore her. ( check )

    Bore her to death. ( check )

    Stick her with a object. ( check )

    Run her around and scream at her. ( check )

    Ridicule her in front of her peers. ( check )

    Tell her how important everything I do is compared to her. ( check )

    Sorry guys but I'm affraid I do all that.... its called being married. :D

    Tazzer = being able to stay infront of the computer while shooting her with a pair of small darts that then shock her with electricity when I press the trigger

  6. I've spent 2 hours plotting my move.

    I've spent 1.5 hours replotting those same moves again, checking every possible spotting position and angle.

    My scouts head into enemy territory.

    My Infantry begin to move forward, spaced out to avoid bunching.

    My Tanks start to move forward searching for the enemy.

    My mortars open fire with smoke to conceal my forces as they approach the enemy held town.

    My FO calls in 3 Batteries of 25 pounders to blanket the suspected enemy positions.

    Another 30 minutes passes and now the scouts and Infantry storm from house to house and the Tanks engage the enemy.

    :eek:And then it happens..... the very nasty bug.

    The wife walks into my Bunker and says, " Im bored, take me shopping for shoes or a new handbag".:(

    What to do ???

    I'm thinking Tazzer time.....any suggestions ???

  7. But they arnt real people......

    Hang on....

    Were they American, if so....definatly union issue.

    Were they British, if so....was it around 3pm when this took place.... Afternoon Tea.

    Were they Canadian, if so....they may have been upset about being shot at and decided to not play anymore.

    Were they Polish, if so.... they may have sold the ammo to a cousin who was bring the car around to take it away.

  8. All I can suggest is look at a map you like in the game with the editor and see how the terrain hight dots were placed and then its alot of practice.

    Thats the way I figured it out, the map warps in relation to the hight dots.

    As far as I know there are no easier way to do the hight markers other than use direct adjustment, I find it the easiest.

  9. To practice try this -

    Use a blank map and place a line of tree's across it.

    Then place a line of level 22 dots on the tree line.

    Then place a line of level 16 dots 5 squares to the south of the tree line.

    Then place a line of level 16 dots 5 squares to the north of the tree line.

    You now have a crest line with tree's on it. :)

    To make a hill -

    Blank map again and place a group of tree's on it- say 10.

    Around the group of tree's place level 20 dots.

    10 squares further away place another ring of level 10 dots

    You now have a small hill. :)

    Also look at other peoples efforts with the editor and you will soon get the hang of it.

    Practice makes perfect or so Im told.

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