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  1. Thank you for all the hard work everyone at BFC. Its fantastic what you guys are doing for our hobby.

    Just a question for us guys that like our battles bigger and longer than most.

    Will a small ammo dump ever be included in the games so we can resupply the troops and mortars ?

    My happy pixeltroopers love shooting everything up and ammo is an issue in scenario's longer than about an hour and a half. I know at this time certain vehicles have got ammo but Im thinking more along the lines of a battalion HQ in the rear area of the battle with maybe a tarp pulled between 2 trucks and a pile of boxes so it stands out.

    Market-Garden seems like the perfect time to have small ammo dumps because the German forces were so stretched very thin in alot of places.

    The small dump would help the thin forces with ammo so the desperate defence could keep up the fight.

    I've studied MG in some detail and the Germans used every method available to them to get ammo to the troops as did the Allies.

    We dont have horses, wagons or hand carts so a ammo dump would fit the bill in my humble opinion.

    Duck, roll and play dead.:)


  2. Hello Gentlemen

    I will be posting the following scenario's in the near future -

    Santa Maria del Cedro, 17th September 1943 - British 5th Recon Regiment elements and the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers stumble into the rear guard from the 26th Panzer Division.

    HTH or play as the Germans.

    Avanti Americani, Rapido !, Sicily - American Rangers with alittle help from some friends storm a port and coastal defences. Italians defend as best they can.

    HTH or play as Italians against the AI.

    There are about 10 more Scenario's in the works as well.

    Most are larger battles of close to Battalion strength on 2km x 2km maps to allow for manouver options.

    All require Fortress Italy and Gustav Line. :)

    The Teacher

  3. Hey Timmy

    If anyone asks you to look behind the wood pile, don't do it.

    Take my word for it :D

    On a brighter note -

    Take your time and ask questions if you get stumped, most if not all the gang that play this game are good on the help front.

    Oh and remember, If anyone asks you to look behind the wood pile, don't do it.

    Take my word for it :eek:



  4. Ive been putting together a scenario involving American Rangers storming an Italian coastal battery covering a small port.

    After I placed the bunkers and started tests some bunkers have German ammo in them, the forces involved are Americans and Italians.

    Is there a way to have the bunkers only have Italian ammo ?:confused:

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