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  1. Worst things - No Network WEGO (Worst thing ever) - No command Lines - No movable waypoints - No target lines Best things - Artillery impact. nothing better than watching your 150s and 120 Mortars level a little village. - Infantry (every soldier is displayed) - Campaigns (even if it could be even better with earning prestige and spend it on new troops (like Panzer General)
  2. Thanks for the info. About the waypoints. It is also frustrating to see your tank roll left into a field when you sent it in the opposite direction and not knowing what it plans next. Only because its path is blocked. It takes you at least a turn to bring it back on track.
  3. You can? Do I have to press shift? If it is possible I appologize.
  4. Oh and this is a real time game now right?. Why can´t I select units by drawing a box? Is this dune?
  5. Thats not what I meant. I don´t need this command. What I need is the system to show me where my units are going. I´m sorry that this topic and its repetition is bothering you. I´m quite new to this forum and haven´t much time to read through all of it. I just get thee feeling that too many things that were great about cm1 have been cut out. i know this is cm2 and not cm1 but its basically the same game with the same mechanic. right click command for example. it was fas and elegant. Now I HAVE to learn the shortcuts or click trough the tabs at the bottom. I bought this game eyes closed. Just
  6. I´m aware of that but if you want to send a dozen units down a specific path it gets kind of exhausting. And even if I set every waypoint down to the last meter it seems to get messed up when of of the units blocks the path for another unit. Then the unit tries to find an alternative path even when the other units moves out of the way a second later. So I end up with 5 halftracks leaving the street. To make it worse when I click on it it only shows the original waypoints. What I want to see is the alternative path it is taking to make it there. In the bocage landscape the entrances and exits a
  7. I really have a problem with pathfinding. For example I give an unit an order to move down a street. Lets say I give only basic orders like just clicking on a point on that street and start the next round. In Cm1 (as I recall it) in the next phase when I give my oders the system created all the little steps the unit would take to reach their destintion. In CM2 it only shows the direct connection to the final destination. That confuses me. I don´t know which route it will take. How should I know if it is even possible to get there? Sometimes the unit will even leave the logical way and get of t
  8. I tried a realtime battle too and it seems to work ok in a small scale battle but it´s just a unplayable in a medium or bigger battle. The camera controls are so cranky that I loose track on my units imediately.
  9. As far as multiplayer goes real time seems to be the only alternative because of the lack of internet/ lan WEGO. Bloody shame.
  10. So we try to arrange ourselves with the circumstances. Thinking about starting a game by bicycle courier and an usb stick. Maybe smoke signals. I tried some scenarios in single player and the game really rocks but the ai seems not too challenging. Sadly but true this seems to be just another franchise getting flawed by too much real time.
  11. That was my also my first thought. I thinks it seems kind of odd to keep a mode like playing by email an cancel the only mode I really wanted to play. I know I should have informed myself but it just never crossed my mind that this would not be implemented.
  12. Hi me and a friende just tried to play the demo online. Here is the question: Is there really no option to play the game via internet and lan in WeGo mode? That was the only mode we were looking forward to. Hot seat an pbem take too long.
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