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  1. Short range, very visible firing signature, and a very odd and limited maneuvering system that involves "bursts" from collections of small charges around the missile. A friend of mine was a Dragon gunner and they expected that their life expectancy in a shooting war was minutes. T-62s should be fairly vulnerable to them, but more modern equipment might do better when hit by one. I thought that T-72A and T-72M1 were the same thing. The T-72M was specifically an export variant that the Warsaw Pact states were allowed to produce and sell to others.
  2. I was wondering about this too. As far as I'm aware the Soviets certainly intended to use tactical nukes early in a war.
  3. Mentioning the Finns might make some poor Soviet suffer flashbacks. Canadians would certainly be interesting to have if only for a potential "First Clash" campaign.
  4. I'd imagine that for the era, BM-22 would be the most common round. It was the one that the Soviets made the most of and had tons of in stock.
  5. I think the issue with the RPG-29 is that it is kind of bulky and things like the BMP-2 are rather cramped inside. That might be the reason for the RPG-29 not being used by the Russians.
  6. Oops, not sure why I didn't see it before, evidently I'm blind. Thanks for the help.
  7. Very good service 37mm, found a few that I had downloaded and lost along the way. On a related note, does anyone have the a Battle of Wanat scenario from SF1? I had it, and evidently lost it or deleted at some point.
  8. Some of the Russian KE rounds use DU, though they don't export those as far as I know. The best KE round that the Russians export for 125mm is BM-42, which is tungsten. It has around 500mm of penetration. Syrians would have that in their ammunition stocks.
  9. Just checked it now, it resets to its normal position each time the 3d world is loaded, so it is pretty minor in hindsight.
  10. Not sure if this one is known already, but here it is. If you place a structure on a map and then give it a mosque dome on the roof, any subsequent change to the building will lead to the mosque dome to drop a bit. This includes changes to the facade and to the walls.
  11. I know that CMSF2 deals with a fictional timeline where an invasion of Syria happens in 2008, but most of the gear from that timeline is in use in the very real Syrian Civil War of today. I wonder if there is any chance for an expansion that would deal with the civil war and include some things that have been used in it, which aren't in the current game, like TOS-1, up-armored VBIEDs, and the IRAMs that the Syrians have used. I know that I'd be interested in such an expansion and I'd be surprised if I'm the only one.
  12. As far as I'm aware it detects that there is metal beneath it and a sudden change of elevation. If both are true, then it goes pop.
  13. As regards the ABM, the rounds can be fired in 2 or 3 round bursts (forgot which, I'll have to check after work tomorrow) or as singles. They can also be programmed to act like normal HE rounds and detonate on impact. In the ABM mode they can be used against helicopters or ground targets IIRC. I don't think they have a proximity mode though. It has a rather low ready ammo store, so they can blow through ammo quickly, and they aren't that quick to reload as I remember.
  14. I always love getting in close and watching the pixeltroopers in their various struggles with their opponents.
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