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  1. Which folder do I put it in? Sorry I haven't played CM since CMSF1 10 years ago.
  2. I would also like one too. When I bought the game, it was out for 2 years I think. It would be nice to know where we can get/buy one.
  3. Helped but not completely. I guess I'd just need to buy a better computer LOL. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, I have CMSF/Marines/Brits/NATO 1.30 installed and it seems like everytime I have 2 or more destroyed vehicles that are burning I get crazy lag. First off, I don't have a crazy computer but the game runs smooth with everything on balanced. But it seems as soon as I destroy an enemy tank and the camera pans toward it it it freezes for a second or two. I've tried lowering and going to the lowest texture and model settings as well as turning off Vsync and AA, but it seems like it is the same thing. Does anyone know of any settings tweaking I can do to stop this sort of thing?
  5. Thanks alot for your help, it is much appreciated!
  6. So I downloaded 7th and 25th ID off Jade's CMSF site. I tried putting it in Z folder, but they dont work. So what am I supposed to name the uniform image and the helmet image for the US army? thank you,
  7. And releasing the map to the public can help modders to make campaigns related to TF Lightning.
  8. =( damn, I guess I should buy the deluxe version
  9. I saw pictures of the AO map from CM Deluxe Edition and I really want it but don't want to pay an extra 10 bucks for a mousepad. I was wondering if Battlefront will ever release it on .PDF for customers?
  10. i'd play this. i'm a huge fan of the USMC and one of the main reasons why I don't play as much CMSF is because lack of COIN missions. This will definitely be a favorite.
  11. i think this calls for a Light Infantry Brigade Combat Team to be implemented
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