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  1. All sorted was too easy in the end.... did exactly as you said BFCElvis. Thanks.
  2. Thanks BFCElvis. So all I need to do is install full 4.0 package. No license issues with Apple Store conflicts?
  3. Hi guys, I downloaded CMBN v1.10 from the Apple Store last week. installed well and played a few tutorials and it seemed to all work well. When I got a PBEM file from my opponent, I have come to a road block. I have tried to install patch v111 for Macs from the site. When I reopen CMBN it's still showing v1.10 and I can't see the PBEM file in the Saved games list. I have also bought Engine 3 and 4 upgrades. Do I need to keep installing patches for V2, 3 and 4? Then do I need to run the Upgrade 4?? Also where is an instruction manual for this stuff? Lookin for some help to
  4. Hi all, I have the PC versions of CM1 CDs of Beyond Overlord, Barbarossa to Berlin and Africa Korps, right now in my garage in a box. Only problem is I want to get back into these games but now have an iMac. Does anyone know if the originals cover both PC and Mac installs? Or do I need to go hunting for an old CM1 Mac CD or just simply buy the latest CMBN for Mac?
  5. Ok so is there any info on this - CMx2: Normandy?
  6. Guys, I have been playing CMx1 - CMAK for a while now but know nothing about Shock Force. Is it possible to create WW2 mods for the Shock Force engine? Has anyone done it if so? Thanks
  7. Thanks John, After more digging there is a lot of info out there for the newbie to read and learn. For example. Teddy Windsor's battle report from both sides. Teddy Windsor's tutorial Infantry on the Attack by Todd Justice Infantry Attack
  8. Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a CMAK tutorial like this one in English? Heinz has done a great job but "The battle" for this scenario hasn't been converted to English yet.... Tutorial for Cmak demo mission "Line of Defense" http://www.panzer.shamino.net/
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