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  1. Thank you Schrullenhaft for your excellent and timely technical support. Windows 98! now that is legacy! Definitely got to get this game going. I've noticed some skin technicalities that are of interest. Also the editor seems straight forward. (Not that I've been able to create a mission yet.) Cheers,
  2. No success. E-license control panel not associated with anything thus locking the .exe's out. Hence I cannot even "unlicense" the PT-Boat install to my pc as registered during purchase. Have to deal with Zuggsoft support to see if they can offer any advice. At least I didn't pay a fortune for the software.
  3. Thanks for the super quick reply! This looks promising... DEP settings got some impossible programs to run for me before. (The original MSFFB2 configuration program for one!) I hope to post a success.
  4. Saw the videos and read the forums. Seemed like a simple "add privileges" to get the games working in win7. So went ahead and bought it. Did the default install to C:\Program Files (x86). After install the desktop icons were default windows so no surprises there. Went in and changed privileges and run as admin, changed ownerships etc to no avail. Uninstalled including the Xvid directory. (Manual uninstall.) Installed to C:\ this time to get around some of win7 privileges issues like many other games. (This time the path is C:\Battlefront\Akella\PT Boats). Still got the dialog box whe
  5. "Run as administrator" worked. What threw me was it would work fine if launched at the end of the install process. Many thanks!
  6. Just tried to install the 1.01 patch and came across the same PC re-license issue. Submitted a ticket. Reinstalled 1.00 and it works fine. Just everytime I install patch 1.01 it always asks for a license which means a faulty patch install as per the readme. Will advise once the problem is sorted so no-one else has to go through the frustrating install-uninstall-install-uninstall-install-uninstall...
  7. Need full steel road wheel pics please to compare.
  8. Agreed Praetori, you have to remind yourself that this is a table top war game, not a first person shooter graphical game engine. Rest easy knowing that all the nuances of combat will be accurately modelled, and with this game that is the most important factor. The game engine just can't cope with the eye candy that well, and most likely never will.
  9. I should've mentioned that I get those error messages too, but I click on continue and carry on. So the first error is where it all goes pear shaped. There are error log files in the log directory that will explain the error further. I would sit down and look at these further but I'm pretty sure it is an issue within the .exe itself and possibly newer versions of .NET. This app is not supported by 1C. Only through the very good grace of the venerable Dr. Jones that any SFS extractor has reached modders. For the benefit of the whole TOW and IL-2 community. He may revisit that app at some sta
  10. This is as far as I get. (Pics then description.) I set the mission editor location by clicking on the elipse (3 dot) button on right to get the dialog box up. Then drill down and highlight the right directory and click ok. I set the extact location by clicking on the next elipse button to get the dialog box up. I'd created a directory called myextracts. Goto the menu, file, save. Enter you configuration filename, which will be an XML file. I've named mine myextractsettings.xml -> make sure you type in the .xml part to your filename and click save. Now you
  11. Thanks for the Heads Up Knokke! Unfortunately didn't work. Gives me more time to work on other projects I guess. Maybe one day...
  12. Since migrating to Windows 7 64bit I have lost access to the usual tools for modding this great game. Would someone be kind enough to provide access to the 1.3.1 version of the ..data/local/en files please. (I have gone through all iterations of SFSextraction without success, that is why I am asking.) filelist.txt contents would be; (Some file references may not be relevent to Kursk43) data\local\en\ammo.utf8 data\local\en\award_desc.utf8 data\local\en\awards.utf8 data\local\en\credits.utf8 data\local\en\encdescription_armoredcar.utf8 data\local\en\encdescription_artillery.utf
  13. Do the modders of the Eastern Wind Extension mod have a website?
  14. You have a pm VonManstein. I could not find the english update, where would I find it?
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