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  1. Man its free you dont pay anything battlefront just host the differents mod in this section just take a look:cool:
  2. Try the version hosted on the repository its 129 and work fine for me http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=select&id=30
  3. I need to check this out arzok told me where but i forgot:( And you didnt answered me do you have steam? (i advise you try multiplayer its so much faster than solo mode cuz you have less units and + its funnier than a predictible ai) Thats all i had to say for my defence
  4. Simple question can we play to it?Do you have it on steam??? if yes join my steamgroup im De Haugéranville add me as a friend http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Theatre_of_war (i have a hamachi server) By the way theres an english update included to add all the names in place of question marks
  5. You must go into Tow africa folder then open Users you must see a file named Game open it with notepad and then you must see this: ;INI File: users/game.ini [game] SmartPause=1 CompatibilityMode=0 Then you just have to change the 1 next to smartpause into a 0 and thats all and its now like this: ;INI File: users/game.ini [game] SmartPause=0 CompatibilityMode=0 Smartpause is disabled!!!!:cool:
  6. I havent checked yet i just played a classical map with some paks 43 and that was fun:D "Steam version is 1.3.3 Battlefront (mine) version is 1.3.1 So we can't play MP with my friend. Is there a way to solve this ?" Any idea? Does russian patch 1.3.3 works for european version?
  7. Dont worry just make a backup first and then copy and paste everything. The only problem is that you have no name ( question marks) for some of the new vehicules thats all:) I do some games on hamachi join me for multiplayer kursk or whatever some Tow online would be great. Here's my hamachi server ID: theatreofwar2 Password: 123123 If you play a steam version join my group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Theatre_of_war
  8. http://files.mail.ru/6BIM02 This mod add the pak.43 the russian 57mm the KV85 etc ... Enjoy And thank you sneaksie !!!
  9. Waaaaaa im astonished some people are still playing omg this is great i have all 3 games and centauro mod join my steam group and add me as a steamfriend so we can play maybe this week end see you later ;D here it is: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Theatre_of_war my actual name in steam is De Haugéranville im the admin of this ( small) group See you in battle ( i hope so )
  10. I hope this game would have more succes than the others and a better multiplayer system so finally i could play this great strategic game online. Anyone know if theres a demo coming out?
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