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  1. After buying TWO, TOW2 and the Centauro add-on and always finding a good manual, now I feel so stupid for not reading "inside" icons (rolleyes). I feel like a customer who has no time to read small sentences in a contract. Do I feel cheated? No. Do I feel stupid? Yes. Do I feel Battlefront is changing and becoming like others smart developers? Yes. Will I buy a physical copy again? God, no. Forget it and my money.
  2. Read the other thread. There is a tiny manual. Maybe 8-10 pages are really useful. I still cant believe it.
  3. The phisical copy of Kursk has no manual inside. THAT should be said when a product is advertized and sold. For the sake of clarity
  4. Oh, no! I was waiting for the Kursk full printed manual of my phisical release ... are you saving on manuals like other software houses? Why on earth did I bought the phisical version if there is no manual inside? For the CD case? Are you pulling my legs? Thats too much. You've lost a customer. ****. S*H*I*T* !!!
  5. The issue is not a gamestopper. I guess it needs only an hotfix. However, as far as installation problems are concerned, I'd like to see a quicker feedback from Battlefront.
  6. LOL !!! Sorry, I couldnt resist BTW, best thing is to create a new shortcut to the Kursk.exe in the main directory. It launches the right updater and, closing it, you'll launch the game.
  7. After a successfully update to 1.2.4 via the game updater I have these problems: - if I run the AutoUpdater.exe again it tries to update again; however, if i run the 1.2.4 patch (in the user folder) or the update via the kursk.exe file everything is fine: they say I have the latest version; - the TOW Kursk.exe shortcut in the START/PROGRAMS/BATTLEFRONT/1C Commany/ .... doesnt point to the .exe file but to the AutoUpdater, and in the wrong directory. I.e. it points to the main directory, while the updater is in the AutoUpdater subfolder.
  8. If you want to save the patch for future re-installs (avoiding the download) the patch is located at: C:\Program Files\Battlefront\1C Company\users\Patches Sneaksie, the update windows, after successfully patch installation, remains open, without any button to close it. To exit, you have to click the X in the upper right corner of the window.
  9. After checking for updates the game always starts even if I dont press START and try to exit. A little annoying. Can it be fixed?
  10. This is weird, indeed. Scaring. I hope they'll look into it. Purchase a commander to spot a/t guns? WTF? Where in the world commanders were sent to look for a/t's ... ? LOL
  11. Sneaksie, please fix the missing game manual issue.
  12. 1) The shortcut points to nothing. 2) If you choose not to install Adobe Reader becouse you have Adobe Acrobat the installation ignores you and goes ahead with the intsllation, uhm.
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