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  1. I second the idea of a pulldown menu for units.


    AAA - 20mm for jerry. ability to target aircraft.


    scenario builder objects ( list below)

    STATIC GLIDERS- nice to place around for cinematics. Good for historical scenerios

    USED PARACHUTES+- - would be lovely to have units fight from the landing zone chutes.

    SUPPLY CANISTERS - troops could find these and get ammo much like vehicles. This would be ace for para troops - the more i think about this the more i want to see it. - should be easy to code in just like a vehicle that doesn't move)


    BOATS/Landing craft - small craft for river crossing and or for cinematics



    vehicles and troop 3d models have areas marked for images

    New control panel area for creating unit markings. Just load up .jpgs for vehicle patches and troop patches/markings.

    Later when creating your forces in the scenario editor you select the unit markings to attach to the unit you buy.

    You end up with units individually marked - would be good for historical but users could also make up fun/personal unit markings

  2. Firstly the game is fantastic.

    I believe that the manual could be better. (BW easier to read on throne) I think an example of a good manual is Ubisofts - cliffs of dover (special ed). Hardcover 145 x 210 spiral bound BW. You can open this at a page and leave it open, spiral is less chance of it falling apart. Also contains a couple of blank 'note' pages.(handy)

    I would be happy to pay good money for a full colour or BW spiral bound manual for this game.

  3. Thanks BF, great module.


    The "AI" arty better / deadly, i had almost a creeping barrage (was hidden spotter) chase a platoon until it had decimated most of it, ouch!

    Shilka eats light armour (found out the hard way)

    Had bogged lavIII, wheels spin (nice touch) but got out (bailed out troops-to lighten load-dont know if load is modelled but it worked)


    I had had some weird experiences with "TOW" on the wiesels, fired 2 TOWs downhill at an AT-14 (3/4klick approx) both hit the dirt well short of the mark. (maybe bad luck) it then returned fire hit one wiesel and the blast knocked out two others that were a fair distance away. (Was ATGM weapon blast radius altered? - could it have exploded the ammo on the wiesel in one explosion? - or is it just the same kickass ATGM as in the last module)

  4. Good stuff satan (just looked at them in game) they add a lot to the terrain...is this your first mod? If so, REALLY nice for a first time


    Did some panzer and desert Nazis for early combat mission before Africa Korp come out .

    Longtime ago just been doing il2 skins but want to wargame armour at the mo.

    I really don't think the terrain is very "afghani" so rather than just bitch i decided to put my shoulder to the wheel.

    I have alot of Afghan photos (some in colour) and use them for the texture material.


  5. Yeh Mord, i tried to deploy and the ATweapon deployed but the figure kneeled and didnt lie down. I went back to the editor today but cant find which exact ATGM team it was.(FK)

    If i can find the exact unit again will let you know , could be a recoiless gunner mapped ( hence the kneeling) instead of the ATGM gunner or im going delusional from playing this for too many hours. All in all not a big deal just something i saw.

  6. I am enjoying the game, it's great!. Had a quick look in the scenario editor, water texture cool, but could not get amphibious vehicles to cross it. It's not modeled is it? could it be done as a extra button in movement "swim" certain vehicles have and it switches to allow movement over that type of terrain tile??? Anyway the games great the only downside is i now feel i have to read all about this war.

  7. It can be difficult to set up a red vs blue challenge.

    I've been playing lots of quick battles to get a feel of things and the syrians can often bash the crap out of the brits.

    Try taking on syrian tanks with scimitars and see how you go?

    They bled me to death ,slowly.....

    I chose to knock the tanks out at point blank in the direct rear, lucky i had a town to act as a maze whilst i flanked (nail biting fun BFC).

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