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  1. Eh, you seems to have neglected that big shipment of Russian army ATGM launchers they got. You know, from Putin's 'humanitarian' convoy?

    I would also assume mines are playing a role as well. Seen a lot of photos of many mine types but not much hard data on effects on vehicles.

    I'm wondering how big a role that would play in the Black Sea 2017 conflict.

    Will mines in the Black Sea change from the shock force construction/function?

  2. Ukrainians had a lot of motor rifle, airmobile and tanks units against light infantry small in numbers, with few AT weapons. And they managed to lose >60% of light armor. To PTRDs, DShKs and NSV.

    DMS I tried to get PTRDs in the game but the Gods of war are saying no?


    I know it was a feeble attempt, the bit about the code already existing, but I had to try. There is obviously a fair few still kicking around and scoring goals. Simple, reliable, good militia weapon.

  3. it is really shocking how parts of German society mindlessly believe the Kreml-talk of "fighting the fascists" in Ukraine and still deny russian involvement there.

    This research in this thread seems to lean to one side. What are the NATO advisers doing? washing dishes?

    Oh heres some Ukrainian nationalists at play.....

  4. I have a friend who was training young Ukrainian officers before the war started. He is ex-US military working directly for the Ukrainian government. He said that it was a daily frustration of dealing with the "Soviet mentality".

    I'm sure they had trouble with his "American mentality". So he was CIA and was assisting with the coup d'état ?

  5. I have been playing Wargames for most of my life now and in that I am an unusual person in comparison to the people around me

    War is a game, usually inflicted on poor people by politians, understand this and your empathy will find pity not guilt.

    PS: Black Sea will be just like Red Thunder, Russians killing Nazis ;)

  6. I have been searching the internet but I can't find the hard kill system that the Abrams tanks use as shown in Chris's stream. The only active protection system I can find is the soft kill for interrupting IR guidance on ATGM's and disrupting laser targeting, but nothing that destroys projectiles in mid-air. Is this a system that you believe will exist in the very near future or is it based on something I cant find?


    The US is looking at a system called Quick kill (Raytheon) which is a trophy variant for what I can gather.


  7. I thought I might kickstart a discussion of the Order Of Battle for Black Sea.

    If your going to give the US M1A2 SEPv2 at least you can give the russia infantry RPG-29 and RPG-30?

    PS: I just got the CMBN vehicles and then I saw CMBS was preorder. Will have to get the warden (wife) to preorder for birthday in 2 weeks. It's the I play she pay theory

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