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  1. Glad you clarified ... Saw the thread heading and though you may be talking about this bear surrendering
  2. Hi Kieme, Thanks for all your hard work. Great quality and add great immersion to the game. Oi BF is this guy on the payroll? He should be.....
  3. Great idea just a note on uniforms. Just as the Ukrainian army uses Yelllow armbands for ID( to avoid friendly fire) the Sep.'s use white armbands to avoid friendly fire. Might be a good look. REF.... Armbands and Novo russia patch PS: A lot of sep. have helmets, lots of Uke Arty......
  4. There is a list apparently, Porosenko's 2014 Christmas list for Santa in America...... http://cyber-berkut.org/en/ Scroll down to the entry : 25.11.2014 CyberBerkut gained access to the documents of Joseph Biden’s delegation officials.
  5. BF, thanks, it's a gem! Might even pull my finger out and do a mod - been about 6yrs since last one.... Xbox Dikheads don't know what they are missing
  6. Hey, someone stole my avatar........... PS: I read the manual wheres the game
  7. Thanks for the update Chris. Any chance of a "Christmas bone" by adding some new screenshots on where you are at, i.e vehicle shots etc? Then we can chew on it till Jan
  8. Hey Pzldr, DO you have any tac. nukes in your artillery inventory? Just thought you could release some so the battle finishes and then Battlefront will release the actual game. PS: Thanks for the preview, can't wait for the tactical rumble with 2017 tech (itchy trigger finger).
  9. I would also assume mines are playing a role as well. Seen a lot of photos of many mine types but not much hard data on effects on vehicles. I'm wondering how big a role that would play in the Black Sea 2017 conflict. Will mines in the Black Sea change from the shock force construction/function?
  10. DMS I tried to get PTRDs in the game but the Gods of war are saying no? http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=117582&page=3 I know it was a feeble attempt, the bit about the code already existing, but I had to try. There is obviously a fair few still kicking around and scoring goals. Simple, reliable, good militia weapon.
  11. Wheres the Blues Brothers when you need'em?
  12. This research in this thread seems to lean to one side. What are the NATO advisers doing? washing dishes? Oh heres some Ukrainian nationalists at play.....
  13. I'm sure they had trouble with his "American mentality". So he was CIA and was assisting with the coup d'état ?
  14. War is a game, usually inflicted on poor people by politians, understand this and your empathy will find pity not guilt. PS: Black Sea will be just like Red Thunder, Russians killing Nazis
  15. It's not just US guns the rebels are also using a lot of PTRD's . http://www.forgottenweapons.com/ptrd-in-ukraine/ Would be easy to introduce into the game just lift them from CMRT. If you believe the rebels (footage) they have been having quite good success with them on the Uke BMPs.
  16. The US is looking at a system called Quick kill (Raytheon) which is a trophy variant for what I can gather. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quick_Kill
  17. The RPG-29 is still in operational use and is being replaced with RPG-30 RPG-32's http://www.militaryfactory.com/smallarms/detail.asp?smallarms_id=487
  18. I thought I might kickstart a discussion of the Order Of Battle for Black Sea. If your going to give the US M1A2 SEPv2 at least you can give the russia infantry RPG-29 and RPG-30? PS: I just got the CMBN vehicles and then I saw CMBS was preorder. Will have to get the warden (wife) to preorder for birthday in 2 weeks. It's the I play she pay theory
  19. If they did Kursk you could just use existing models, PZII, PZIII, and a bucket load of lend lease , Valentine, sherman, etc. mixed with partisans. I would also add Russ scouts with separate uniform tile so we can do the camo bunnysuit before next easter
  20. +1 , you really get to feel how it was for Jerry, have to keep one eye on the sky and park under a tree.
  21. Target Carefully? I'd have a command called "Fukem all" so they target anything that moves?
  22. it would be nice to have partisans and lend lease vehicles - not to hard to add either.
  23. Yes, Big thanks, nice to be back on the eastern front. All the new features are great. Have just destroyed an entire HEER company with 82mm rockets gifts from Joseph Stalin. I'm now off to play with flamethrowers.......
  24. Is it true BF is holding off the CMRT release until the 80th anniversary of Bagration?
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