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  1. Vehicle behaviour issues: LMTV (armoured)

    Whilst i was playing "The mouse trap" i had some vehicle problems.

    The LMTV took fire to the turret? ( it was behind the high compound wall - Fire=Dshk 14.5mm), and the crew dismounted the vehicle (panicked?). thants ok i guess but not highly accurate.

    * The crew were behind the wall but then disappeared (after action report showed 2 missing) not very accurate as they had friendly cover ( inside compound with other troops)

    * With the crew panicked/missing and the vehicle still ok ( green glow) i was unable to reload any crew (drivers) for the vehicle. The result was that this vehicle was only good for resupply. Lucky i had put it in an accessable spot, did'nt matter i still lost!

    Can this be fixed?

    Is it just the parameters for this new LMTV or was i just unlucky?

    PS: thanks to all for explanation on TOE issue.

  2. Firstly: Well done on the British forces module.

    Secondly: I thought it good to have a thread to CONSTRUCTIVELY describe/discuss possible errors/improvements in/for the British forces module.

    I will kick it off.

    In the editor when loading an Infantry Eng. troop. three of the nine vehicles appear empty.

    Are the crews missing or are they in other vehicles requiring manual distribution???



    PS: Love the random new/damaged bar armour on the sultans in mech eng./arm. eng.

  3. Paper Tiger - i think it was "day at the beach" that AI arti chewed me up!. Fear of ATGM's made me disembark all troops from the Amtracks prior to game start. Playing in RT i started to move units up the beach but before i was clear the syrians had landed shells on the beach pinning and crushing several squads, ouch!

    Maybe it was poor tactics by me but the AI can punch you with arti if ya let it.

  4. Firstly well done to the BFC, get new features and units.

    Just played " Hills and Highways " as syrians.

    US truck got bogged infantry didnt dismount all game. My teams "SPG and tank couldnt target the vehicle.

    Also casualty figs didnt match forces left on the field. ( would any US units still be hidden or should all of them show?

    PS The scenerios are hard, keep getting my asssss kicked.....( or crap player....)

  5. Hi Peter, on the bugs

    A/ Still have troops that dont dismount form stryker and or get stuck. Renders the stryker useless for the whole game.

    B/Had an uncoventional tank hunter team ( AT type launcher cant remember model ) launcher disappear and reappear at it original start position on the map but the team animation kept firing as the launcher was at the new location and launched missiles whilst the launcher graphic sat at the back of the map...

    just 2 bugs ive found ( One old one new ?)

  6. thankyou well done, really enjoyed this one.

    played russians lost 7 vehicles, soldier losses about 1:2.5 ( very muddy? )

    managed to get air strikes in ok. Arti takes a while but realistic, have to check spotting rounds and correct... ( heard of chechan breaking into russian comms and directing russian strikes on themselves-pity cant replicate that.) I see you have changed it but im sticking with it as is.


  7. My team just ran out of ammo ran back to the stryker reloaded with ammo and a javelin ran back up the building and let the technicals have it with both barrels......

    This game is a great base to work from, so i thankyou battlefront.

    PS Also worked out how to change buildings in 3d preview- very niceeeee :D

  8. Hi all,

    Ive downloaded the game and have been playing it solid ( love it).

    Box copy just arrived and i want to reload the game from scratch ( have edited campaign want to load stock game)

    Problem: the patch download link wont work.

    Any suggestions most welcome!

    ( stange as i could download game but not patch :confused: .)

    Anyone else hosting the patch so i can download it?


    Prince of darkness (aka Satan)

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