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  1. Ok, all the scenarios have no name or value on the Canadian HQ
  2. I noticed when buying the Canadian HQ, there is no name or a value. I haven't checked the other scenarios yet. Shows how often this unit is purchased.
  3. I copied an email save from my 1.03 directory to my 1.04 to test the conversion and got this error: [09/06/2006 3:47:06; 5.1.2600; 1024x768x32(1); v1.04] FAILED(saved_game_dialog: saved_game_verified_for_load): Segmentation violation Will test some more, but this is repeatable. Update: Solo play version are all working fine, and 4 out of 5 multi-play working fine. It seems to be indeginous only to one save game. [ September 06, 2006, 04:04 PM: Message edited by: Scook ]
  4. To answer your question, yes majors can get the variable big hit. I am playing a friend in Honch's mod, and it has too many mpp's when I play him. If there is something improbable that could happen, he has a penchant of doing it. He took Spain from 25% to Entering the War in 2 turns. He took the USSR from 30% to 0% in one turn. He had both USA and USSR in the war by September 1940. We are talking a 5% chance backed by a 5% chance, so something like a 1 in 400 shot. But 5 games in a row, this has happened to me. Yes, I am getting irritated. Normal human beings won't have quite this luck, but
  5. As most games I have played, diplomacy can affect the outcome more than military might, and at a fraction of the cost. If it isn't Spain or Turkey, chits drop into USA and USSR, and can impact the outcome in too dramatic a fashion. I like having diplo, however, and it does provide variance to what can become a stagnant game. Some thoughts I have been working with: 1) Double the number of chits, leave the cost the same per chit, and halve the % chance per chit. This will make diplo 2X as costly, but it still will be available. 2) Lower the % of change on major coutry hits only. Briingi
  6. Ok have another one: [08/02/2006 1:21:48] FAILED(amphibious_transports_within_range_of_coastal_position): Segmentation violation [08/02/2006 1:21:48; 5.1.2600; 1024x768x32(1); v1.02] FAILED(animate_amphibious_transport_move_and_unload): Segmentation violation [08/02/2006 1:23:12] FAILED(amphibious_transports_within_range_of_coastal_position): Segmentation violation [08/02/2006 1:23:12; 5.1.2600; 1024x768x32(1); v1.02] FAILED(animate_amphibious_transport_move_and_unload): Segmentation violation Did it twice, so it's repeatable on a save I have. do you have this one covered, or shou
  7. Boooo, Rambo can move on Rostov from both sides.
  8. I had one of my cruisers parked on the Kerch Straights, and in an email game, a german corps moves into the square, ship vanishes, not even a thank you. I have the saved turn and the very last thing is the ship being overrun, if that helps any. However, all my saved turns up to that point are gone.
  9. If it helps, I had a ship from a mod last night at 0 morale. He was air attacked, and his morale went up to 1% (I think I won the battle). Freak occurence, I am guessing.
  10. I play on my laptop through a wireless network. I cannot host because of that, so if a crash occurs we have to go back to the last turn my friend has on his comp. If I have SC2 minimized and he ends the turn, I will get I/O connection error, 100% of the time. There is some good info on setting up through a firewall in the manual, I did that with a wired connection and it seemed to work fine that way. Oh, post this concern in the tech section too. It will get noticed a lot quicker.
  11. Germany is sneaking a transport up to Iceland and invading the same turn as DOW'ing Denmark. The scripts force the German back to Germany and hand Iceland over to the British. IMO the scripting is needed to make iceland go British (even though Iceland went under US influence in history, didn't it?), and all the OP has to do is hold the transport off the coast and then invade one turn after the script fires off.
  12. I don't see this one anywhere, so thought I would post it here: An HQ destroyed and goes back for a rebuild has the costs reversed. Should be : 326[195] Currently: 195[326] Sorry if this has been noted before. If its somewhere else, could you provide a link to noted bugs? Thanks
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